Eurovision 2013: Swedish Ticket Site Selling 2013 tickets?

  Eurovision 2013 – Swedish ticket agency biljett24.se are offering tickets for next year’s Eurovision final in Sweden according to their website. The website is a second hand ticket site and are taking reservations in case they get tickets. Prices are: Normal Seating 2495 SEK (€276), Good view seating 2995 SEK (€332), Best seating low lev 3495 SEK  (€387), Floor seating 3995 SEK (€443)

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15 comments on “Eurovision 2013: Swedish Ticket Site Selling 2013 tickets?

  1. http://www.billjet24.se/ links to a generic free domain site.

  2. Ah apparently Biljet24.se are a second hand ticket site. So they are taking reservations now in case they get any finals tickets for sale eventually, at vastly inflated prices!

  3. Thanks for the heads up, was looking at that site, and thought those prices seemed a bit inflated!

  4. let me know when tickets go on sale for eurovision 2013 thanks

  5. They might actually be giving tickets, if they’re selling reservations for the actual tickets once they come in. Right now, the Eurovision.tv site isn’t even selling, and the prices for Biljet24.se are extremely inflated (practically doubled), so I wouldn’t waste my money on something that’s not guaranteed. For those of you looking for official tickets, just buy them once they’re available later this year from the Eurovision official website.

    • I might also add that according to Eurovision’s site, ticket resales aren’t legal, so if Biljet24 gets caught, no one who bought his/her tickets from the site will be receiving them.

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  7. http://www.ticnet.se is the site that most likely will have the tickets for eurovision 2013. According to some sites (svt.se) the tickets are for sale this summer/spring.


  8. When the selling starts? Can i buy the tickets from a Swedish website eventhough i live in Finland? I would be super grateful if someone knows the anserws to these questions (and if someone is REALLY awesome, anserw into my mail (maijaaaa95@hotmail.com), please :)! )

  9. […] Eurovision 2013: Swedish Ticket Site Selling 2013 tickets? […]

  10. How much are tickets for Eurovision 2013 likely to cost?…

    That’s a tough one, as the tickets are not yet available. But agencies in Sweden are tentatively charging between €276 to €443 should they get a run on tickets. I am not sure if that’s for all three days of the Contest, though. Given how much it cost…

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