Eurovision 2012: The Ratings

  Eurovision 2012 – We now know the viewing figures for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in  20 countries. While the Contest loses some ground in Germany (post-Lena), the UK and France, it grew in popularity in Spain, Estonia and Albania. Here are the numbers we know for Saturday’s final:


Germany:  8,3 million

United Kingdom: 7,5 million (peak: 9,6 million)

Spain: 6,5 million (peak: 9 million)

France: 3,98 million

Italy: 1,4 million

Sweden: 3,24 million

Serbia: 3,1 million

Greece: 2,4 million

Romania: 2,3 million

Albania: 0,68 million

Netherlands : 1,1 million (2nd semi: 2,1 million)

Denmark: 0,99 million

 Austria: 0,66 million

Australia: 0,5 million

Estonia: 0,4 million

Portugal: 0,65 million

Finland: 0,56 million

Croatia: 0,4 million

Israel: 0,12 million

Cyprus: 0,225 million

The total of these countries is approximately 45 million viewers. However, we are still waiting for viewing figures from Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Norway and more.

If you have any more ratings let us know in the comment section! Thanks!

4 comments on “Eurovision 2012: The Ratings

  1. http://escnorge.net/index.php/historie/baku-2012/2012-03-24-14-54-59/norge/4141-en-million-sa-esc-finalen . Here’s Norway for you :) Take a trip to Google Translate, if you don’t understand ;)

  2. What about San Marino? :)

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