Anggun: Some Competitors Did Not Deserve To Be In Front Of Us

  France – Anggun plays sore loser. The French singer, who came 22nd in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest told the French newspaper Parisien.fr that “some competitors did not deserve to be in front of us”. Asked whether she was disappointed she said: “I am more than disappointed! I do not understand. I found it unfair to our team, to France Télévisions and to France.” She said that she found her performance “bien” and that she had hoped to reach a place between 3 and 10.

About Loreen, who won the contest for Sweden, she said: “I can only applaud the choice of Sweden. Loreen’s song is pure efficiency. It is minimalist but everything is right. In contrast, some competitors did not deserve to be ahead of us, neither musically nor for their stage performance.” She goes on blaming political voting for her bad result. “Some countries, that fought against each other some years ago are now deeply in love. France has a big disadvantage because of that- as does the UK,” she said referencing Engelbert Humperdinck’s second to last place.

Asked whether France should retire from the contest, she affirms her disillusionment and says she does not know the magic way to bring France back to success.

Source= Le Parisien

28 comments on “Anggun: Some Competitors Did Not Deserve To Be In Front Of Us

  1. Disadvantage? She didn’t have to go through a semi. How is that disadvantage?
    If she had bothered to read the social media and fan forums she would have known that she stood absolutely no chance.

    • Very well said.

      And blaming others for your own artistic failure is pretty lame imo. How do you want to improve if you stay in denial?

  2. She and her team created a mess on stage , vocals were not perfect ( but who cares ) and the song was really nothing to write home about imo.sorry France but your place was well deserved !

  3. Loool what a looser! Her vocals were TERRIBLE, my ears were bleeding! It was HORRIBLE! :( :/ And song below average in all aspects!

    Be realistic Anggun!

  4. She’s not realistic at all. The song was just average and her performance was weak, so she shouldn’t complain ! France’s place was more than deserved !

  5. She’s right about the political voting though….

  6. Well mon cherie France if it was up to me I could swap you with almost 6 non-qualifiers. Stop moaning…

  7. Anggun and her song were not perfect, actually quite the contrary, but I really don’t understand all this bitterness against her. And I’m sorry to say that I don’t like the first sentence of this article at all: “Anggun plays soar loser”?!!! A bit of objectivity would be truly appriciated, thank you ;)

    • There is nothing wrong with her being disappointed. I am sure Eva Boto, Sofi Marinova, Iris and Joan Franka were also disappointed.
      The sore loser part comes into play when she claims other countries didn’t deserve it, and that it was unfair to France.
      Of course there is political voting. But a country which is in the final every year, regardless the quality of their song, is the last that should moan about that.

  8. No, Anggun, yr song was shite and that’s why you did poorly.

  9. I quite liked her song back in January – I had even considered voting for it – but her performance in the finals was a total mess. If you choose to make a stunt on the stage instead of relying on the quality of your song and your voice, avoid making 4-5 stunts, because people won’t know where to look.

    • I forgot one more thing – people who moan about things like “France and UK having a big disadvantage due to political voting” usually deliberately shut their eyes to the fact that Germany won in 2010. In the end, it’s all about the song. In my opinion, political voting had an impact on the winner only once in the recent history of the contest (since televoting was introduced).

    • You’re totally right there Milan. I agree with you 100%. Echo’s ‘presentation’ was messy. Anggun’s vocals were fine but France totally crashed and burned this year. Crazy camera + distracting dance routine ruined the performance. They were forgotten after 3 minutes.

  10. Just like the Guardian, Anggun blames the wrong people, falsely the political votes (Spain, Germany or Italy anyone?) and she totally misunderstands Eurovision. The simple choice of “Echo” was THE mistake France would never recover from. But she’s not wrong that Malta, Greece or Ukraine did not deserve to be above her! Moreover, people accuse the dress, signed by Jean-Paul Gaultier for god’s sake. They really did work hard on everything, just it was shitty because they don’t understand a thing about Eurovision. The problem being that Bruno Berberes is the one telling them what Eurovision is about and HE even himself doesn’t get it. Now, after her show Anggun came to the comment room and asked who her favorite was she answered Albania, so that does prove she does have some sense… why then go for “Echo” and a shallow performance? THAT’s what you got wrong and your result is due to THAT.

  11. Well if she did answer that Albania was her favourite I am terribly dissapointed at how shallow Anggun is at appreciating music..Anyway she definately didn’t deserve that place nor she would have achieved it if she was representing let’s say Turkey. That said in terms of performance she did not deserve something better. I wanted her to do well because she really tried hard and devoted herself to promoting her esc entry. Of course she did not deserve to be lower than Russia, Albania, Turkey, Ukraine, Greece or Malta..But I would rank her last out of the big 5 for sure this year..She was not even close to Italy, Germany or Spain.

    • Clarification : The song itself deserved a better place imo, not the performance, although it would have achieved it even with that performance if it was not France..

  12. To be honest, I really loved her song when I first heard it before the event even began but what’s with her attitude? Did she really have to say this much?

    The presentation of the song was M-E-S-S-Y (not merci, France!). For me, I expected more. She listened to the international fans about bringing the hunks alright but the choreography + camera angles were all over the place. It completely distracted the viewers from the song and she was forgotten after her 3 minutes was up.

    The political voting excuse is really lame when we all know that this is a song contest and most songs need to be presented well. France needs better choreographer and stage production team like Sweden. That’s all. They should fire their production team this year and replace them with better ones.

    • The magic way to bring France back to success is to hire a better stage production staff. Besides you cannot even win the contest with neighbor votes alone (look at Greece and Cyprus this year out of the Top 10!). Even Azerbaijan and Turkey would’ve never gotten into the Top 10 with just their neighbor votes alone.

      Germany has already done it while the other 2 members of the Big Five; Italy, and Spain are slowly catching on. Its time that the UK and France wakes instead of blaming the political voting.

  13. I think you guys don’t realize how political votes actually did impact a whole lot, and what I mean is that countries were truly helping each other up. Not only france got a crap score, Hungary, UK, Norway and Denmark didn’t deserve such low scores. You guys are actually hating on the fact that she was being truthful that some of the other songs were risen solely by the neighbour votes, these actually do raise things up alot even if it doesn’t bring you to the top 10. You can’t compare Germany, Italy and Spain, unlike france many people actually like those countries. France and UK alone are hated. I don’t see how anyone could blame the country for shit camera angles? lol. I don’t think an asian being in eurovision will help too, it seems europe is just racist?

    But the fact that Russia got second place made me lose respect for the competition, its a joke now isn’t it? >>

    • Norway and Denmark didn’t even deserve to qualify…

      Anyway, in less taste-oriented arguments, I don’t see how the racist comment I’ve heard so many times stands up still. Loreen is of Moroccan descent, doesn’t look traditionally Swedish, and still managed to set a new record for the number of top scores received by a country. Estonia also had a pretty decent score when it won back in 2001 with an interracial duo.

      Let’s look at this year’s racial minorities (doing this from memory, so please forgive me if I forget anybody).

      Sofi Marinova (Roma): She tied Norway for 10th in its semi and gave Bulgaria it’s 2nd/3rd (depends on what you look at) highest score since their debut. That’s far from bad, even if she still failed to qualify. The only racism I know of seems to have come from her own country and after her failure.

      Anggun (Indonesian): Her 22nd place isn’t really good. However, her vocals were pitchy, the performance was weak and the most dated, and she tried to buy the gay vote with half-naked guys. The truth is that her song was never particularly popular on the forums, didn’t get extremely good reviews from bloggers, was never predicted to do very well, and her performance added the fact that it was a weak entry. I happen to like it, but I knew I was in the minority from the beginning.

      Tooji (Iranian): Tooji scored last in the finals with singing that was some of (if not) the worst of the night, a song that seemed like a blatant rip-off of last year’s Eric Saade to many, and a performance that was interesting but forgettable afterwards. Not only that, but if you go back to the national final, he came second in his semi-final. In the final, he was the only song that didn’t make first place in its semi to get into the superfinal (with the other three songs that made first). Here, all of the catchy pop entries except for his had been eliminated and the pop vote went to him exclusively. That’s the only reason he made it to Eurovision. In the final, there were no less than 8 “danceable” pop songs in the final. He didn’t have the full pop vote. The fact is that he was doomed from the start, Iranian or otherwise.

      Mandinga (Various races): Romania scored 12th with this pop number that was performed in Spanish. This is an improvement on last year’s score from the very-European Hotel FM. The thing that Mandinga had that Tooji did not was vocal skills. The thing that Mandinga had that Anggun did not was good choreography and an interesting show.

      Gaitana (Congolese): Gaitana came 15th in the scoreboard with her football anthem of a song. Yes, for Ukraine this is a bad place, but unlike any other year (except 2005), I never really saw ANYbody talking about Gaitana’s song about a week after it got selected. It was one of Ukraine’s worst places in the betting odds. Nobody was particularly interested in the song, while the song benefited from a new performance and good vocals. If this had been performed by somebody like, say… Svetlana Loboda, it probably would have resulted in Ukraine’s first time staying in the semis.

    • I disagree with you. France and UK are not ‘hated’ in Europe. They have a really good reputation for their exports like music, food, art and other things. So people expect many great things from them. What happened this year is that they didn’t perform above those expectations. That in turn became disappointment so they decided to vote for their neighbors instead. There may have been other factors but ultimately, the juries have done their best to give countries a fair number of votes eliminate these sorts of excuses that you’ve made.

  14. Best song this year, doesn’t mean plebs have to like it. Peasants don’t have sophistication and understanding to appreciate artful music. Besides, her English is understandable, in contrast to other performers, whose pronounciation is not comprehensible to a native speaker.

  15. somebody say anggun not perfect maybe but she is an actress full of character and about she looser in eurovision. it ,s not from anggun but it come from a mistaken voting

  16. I actually voted for Anggun.

    I like thed song quite a lot, but her vocals in the final were not good. I remember thinking that her off-key and exhausted singing would probably put a lot of voters off, so I’d better vote for it – just for the sake of the song. The question is if I would have done so if I hadn’t heard the studio version prior to the final…

    As for the gymnastics I don’t think I really took notice of it.

    • you’re way too nice, a good song (as in, you liked it in studio) butchered live doesnt deserve a televote from me ;)

      • I normally try to take the term Eurovision Song Contest literally, so the song comes first. That’s not to say that the vocals never influence my voting – I was doubtful about my decision afterwards, btw. Sometimes the song manage to overcome a weak performance, and sometimes it doesn’t. You can never tell.

  17. (* I like the song…)

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