ESC Awards 2012

  ESC Awards 2012 – Eurovision 2012 has just come to an end. Time to vote for the Best and worst vocal performance, best and worst outfit, best show etc. We have chosen up to 8 nominees in each category! In case you have another favorite than the one’s mentioned you can add it under “Other”. Have fun voting! The results will be released in a few days so stay tuned!

Best Female Vocal Performance:


Best Male Vocal Performance:


Worst Vocal Performance:


Best Show:


Worst Show:


Best Outfit:


Worst Outfit:


Best Composition:


Best Lyrics:


Cutest Guy:


Most Beautiful Woman:


Best Spokesperson:


Most Unjustified Non-Qualifier:


Most Justified Non-Qualifier:


Biggest Post-Eurovision Star Potential:

Most of the nominees are according to the results achieved and excluding candidates in what we believe to be common sense/ consensus.

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106 comments on “ESC Awards 2012

  1. Thanks for adding “worst show”, i voted immediately for Moldova! YUCK! PUKE!

    I hope next year Moldova and Armenia will send smth normal, at least decent, these 2 ESC countries are EXTREMELY BAD for me!

  2. @ eurovisiontimes

    Please I BEG for reaction, you could see that I didn’t mention togravus user today at all! And he told me I make insults!! Please, i BEG you be objective once in a lifetime and tell him to leave me alone, because I didn’t even notice him today! please, this is really UNFAIR! :(

  3. Hehehe, so you added Russia for “most beautiful woman”, but not Iceland? :) Very well, Russia it is.

  4. Best Female vocal: Sweden
    Best Male Vocal: Serbia
    Worst Vocal performance: Ireland
    Best Show: Sweden(the one and only)
    Worst Show: San Marino
    Best Outfit: Sweden(and Iceland).
    Worst Outfit: Ireland
    Best Composition: Iceland
    Best Lyrics: Iceland
    Cutest guy: Jonsi and Ott
    Most beautiful woman: Nina Zilli
    Best spokesperson: Sarah Dawn Finer and Anke
    Most unjustified non-qualifier: Switzerland(and Finland)
    Most justified non-qualifier: Georgia
    Biggest Post eurovision star potential: Sweden(Nina Zilli(and Zeljko) is already an established artist).

  5. Although this is a song contest, I’d say:
    -most handsome male singer: Csaba Walkó
    -most beautiful female singer: Maya Sar

    … :P LOL

  6. OMG Buranovskiye babushi watched almost 20.000.000 ppl on youtube! :O BRAVO BURANOVSKIE BABUSHKI!! :-* :)

  7. Most Beautiful Woman: Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeece!! Goooooorgeous! Eleftheria Eleftheriou! ;)

  8. Best Female Vocals: Albania (Because she wasn’t perfect in the finals, I almost gave this one to Macedonia, but I decided against it last second).

    Best Male Vocals: Lithuania (He really was above that song vocally).

    Worst Vocal Performance: Cyprus (This was unanimous at my parties after the first two semis, and nothing in the finals were as bad as her either).

    Best Show: Moldova (Pasha… and Moldova as a nation, really knows how to make things memorable).

    Worst Show: Georgia (When it came to stage antics, there was nothing really bad this year. Georgia and France came the closest to bad though).

    Best Outfit: Russia (You can’t go wrong with traditional regional garb)

    Worst Outfit: Bosnia & Herzegovina (I didn’t find too many outfits that were bad either. Just this one and Azerbaijan. Albania almost had a bad outfit with her hair necklace, but I loved the dress part).

    Best Composition: Albania

    Best Lyrics: Bosnia & Herzegovina (Gorgeous lyrics, from what I can find in the translations. Love them).

    Cutest Guy: Turkey (Come on, he’s not up there at all? I was sad).

    Most Beautiful Woman: Italy (Obviously)

    Best Spokesperson: Laka, followed by Anke

    Most Unjustified Non-Qualifier: Bulgaria (Not my favorite of the non-qualifiers. That belongs to Israel, but Bulgaria’s tie for tenth and who they lost to was an outrage! Bulgaria is so much better than Norway).

    Most Justified Non-Qualifier: Austria (They have always been at my bottom).

    Biggest Star Potential After ESC: FYR Macedonia (but I should probably have put Loreen from an objective standpoint. I ‘d rather follow Kaliopi, Can, and Rona).

    • My votes seem to be unpopular. What’s new?
      I wonder if it’s because I didn’t give Sweden any of these.

      • Don’t worry. Everyone’s votes are unpopular because many ESC fans simply cannot understand a point they don’t share …

      • i never notice these thumbs, but because you mentioned it i looked and wow -4? don’t worry, I read what you said and you were reasonable and at least took the time to explain your choices!

        • +1… I said this before. I would get rid of the thumbs if I could, but I can’t ;(

          • The thumbs is just a system to avoid comments of the kind ” I agree” or “I disagree”…If some can’t get over the fact that people disagree with them it’s nothing that should lead to getting rid of the system..

          • we know it’s not you lol

            but guitaristbl that doesn’t mean that on the other hand the system is right either; never in the world would a comment saying “I agree” lead to anything… if you want to discuss things, you have to exlain rationally, develop, analyze, synthesize, not just agree or disagree. if this place is a place to bring an insight into esc, we can’t just give in to people who, without saying anything, would rule who is right or not by a click on a thumb!

            • I may want to argue and express my disagreement through that system..and I may as well just disagree without wanting to argue..I believe that’s acceptable as well.

            • I sometimes give thumbs up and down, I think it;s not bad thing at all..but I give sometimes thumb up to one person and sometiems thumb down, depending on if i agree or disagree with certain comment..

  9. Eleftheria and Ivi are both teen-agers they can not be compared with i.e. Nina Zilli or Pastora which are around 30…

  10. I like this idea a lot ! :D

    Best Female Vocal Performance – Spain
    Best Male Vocal Performance – Estonia
    Worst Vocal Performance – Russia
    Best Show – Sweden
    Best Outfit – Italy
    Worst Outfit – Moldova
    Best Composition – Serbia
    Best lyrics – Iceland
    Best Spokesperson – Mr. Lordi (Finland) – he was hilarious ! :D
    Most unjustified nonqualifier – Slovenia (by far)

    • Cutest guy – Tooji (Norway)
      Most beautiful woman – Eleftheria (Greece)
      Most justified non-qualifier – Montenegro
      Biggest Post-Eurovision Star Potential – Loreen (Sweden)

    • YAAAAY Razvan, worst outfit Moldova, finally somebody with sense! Have you voted in Barbara Dex award for Moldova? I did..if not, do so! :P :D

  11. Something i want to say is that i’m very happy that this year there were so many established artists taking part in esc.Nina Zilli,Zeljko,Anggun,Kaliopi,Nina Badric,Engelbert Humperdinck,Pastora Soler and others.They showed us that while it’s great to embrace new talent,eurovision would be poorer without all of them.I hope the editions to follow will be like that too.

    • I agree it was nice to have some established artists, however from these entries only 3 entered the top 10, two of them being on the edge, while the others got disappointing results. I fear this might discourage other known singers who would like to enter the contest :( I do hope I’m wrong though.

      • I hope not!Zeljko,Nina Z.,Kaliopi and Pastora were very good and i do believe esc will do only good to their careers.


    • As much as you hate them Jedward are established artists so they should be included if you want to be objective..

      • Em,no and i was objective. ;)

      • Seriously, you can’t just put Jedward in the same category as the ones mentioned by dimitris. All those artists have been singing for over 10 years and have released over 10 albums (except for Nina Badric if I’m not mistaken), while Jedward are quite new to the music scene. And the fact that they are more popular certainly does not make them better artists – on the contrary perhaps, since we all know that their ability to sing is not exactly the best.

  12. Best Female vocal: Sweden
    Best Male Vocal: Estonia
    Best Outfit: Cyprus
    Worst Outfit: Moldova
    Best Lyrics: Iceland
    Cutest guy: Tooji (Norway)
    Most beautiful woman: Ivi Adamou (Cyprus)
    Best spokesperson: Mr. Lordi
    Most unjustified non-qualifier: Finland
    Most justified non-qualifier: Georgia
    Biggest Post eurovision star potential: Sweden

  13. Best vocal: Albania (she has been compare from BBC, Die Press Wien, and Corriere della sera with Areetha Franklin, Chaka Khan, or Bjork)
    Best male vocal: Estonia (KuulA)
    Best outfit: Cyprus
    Worst outfit: Moldova
    Best lyrics: Albania (read the English lyrics in Eurosong homepage)
    Cutest Guy: Estonia
    Most beautiful woman: They are all pretty

    • “They are all pretty” is a good way to say it and it’s true, many women this year were definitely beautiful and others were still “pretty”… but I don’t know how fair I am, as a gay man, I tend to be tougher on guys comparing from the sexy to the goo, to the “nice but I wouldnt have sex with him anyway” whereas women, they tend to blow my mind easily, men blow… well you get the idea :p

  14. Only when I end up naming Sweden in at least half of the above categories do I realize how great their victory is! Congratulations to all the members of the winning team – we (Serbia) didn’t stand a chance :)

  15. Best female vocal performance : Albania
    Best male vocal performance : Estonia
    Worst vocal performance : Norway
    Best show : Sweden
    Worst show : Montenegro
    Best outfit : Azerbaijan
    Worst outfit : Ireland
    Best composition : BiH
    Best lyrics : BiH
    Cutest guy : Estonia
    Most beautiful woman : Greece
    Best spokesperson : Finland
    Most Unjustified Non-Qualifier : Slovenia
    Most Justified Non-Qualifier : Georgia
    Biggest Post-Eurovision Star Potential : Sweden !

  16. Best Female vocal: Albania
    Best Male Vocal: Serbia
    Worst Vocal performance: Sweden
    Best Show: Azerbaijan
    Worst Show: Sweden
    Best Outfit: Italy
    Worst Outfit: Ireland
    Best Composition: Azerbaijan
    Best Lyrics: Albania
    Cutest guy: Kurt
    Most beautiful woman: Nina Zilli
    Best spokesperson: Lordi:)
    Most unjustified non-qualifier: Finland but i aldo liked ISR and NL
    Most justified non-qualifier: Georgia
    Biggest Post eurovision star potential: Nina Zilli

  17. This is a nice Award you have done here:) We could add the most underrated or overraskede entre aswell

  18. Cutest guy- or cutest guys I suppose, definitely go to Jedward. If you think differently, you HAVE to see their modelling photos (they’re legit signed models as well as singers). They are honestly some of the most gorgeous human beings I’ve ever seen, no joke.


  20. ♥Ireland♥

  21. Best Female vocal: Sweden
    Best Male Vocal: Serbia
    Worst Vocal performance: Russia
    Best Show: Ireland
    Worst Show: San Marino
    Best Outfit: Ireland
    Worst Outfit: Albania
    Best Composition: Sweden
    Best Lyrics:Sweden
    Cutest guy: Ireland
    Most beautiful woman: Cyprus
    Best spokesperson: Sarah Dawn-Finer
    Most unjustified non-qualifier: Finland
    Most justified non-qualifier: Montenegro
    Biggest Post eurovision star potential: Ireland

  22. Best Female vocal: Rona Nishliu (Albania) and Kaliopi (FYR Macedonia)
    Best Male Vocal: Zeljko Joksimovic (Serbia)
    Worst Vocal performance: Jedward (Ireland)
    Best Show: Serbia (or Russia)
    Worst Show: Ireland
    Best Outfit: France and Iceland
    Worst Outfit: Ireland
    Best Composition: Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Best Lyrics: Iceland (or Serbia)
    Cutest guy: Can Bonomo and Donny Montell
    Most beautiful woman: Maya Sar and Ivi Adamou
    Best spokesperson: Laka and Paula Seling
    Most unjustified non-qualifier: Switzerland
    Most justified non-qualifier: Georgia and Portugal
    Biggest Post eurovision star potential: Ivi Adamou, Anggun, Loreen

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