Eurovision 2013: Austria, Netherlands And More Confirm Participation!

  Eurovision 2013 – The Eurovision Song Contest 2012 has barely come to an end, but we can already report on several countries confirming their participation in the next edition from Sweden! The best confirmation comes from the Netherlands, who have not made it to the final 8 times in a row now! Kudos to them for not giving up! Also Austria, which came dead last in the first semi-final on Tuesday has broken with the tradition of playing “sulking loser” and has confirmed it’s participation.

Here are all countries that have already confirmed:

– Netherlands

– Austria

– Belarus

– Germany

– Denmark

– Hungary

– Albania

and of course: Sweden!

25 comments on “Eurovision 2013: Austria, Netherlands And More Confirm Participation!

  1. already a nice list, to see Austria, Netherlands or Albania sticking to it… not a big surprise for Germany and of course Denmark whose last victory was already in Stockholm

  2. Will we see Poland and Armenia in 2013??

  3. Can soneone please force Andorra to return? I miss them so much … Btw, are they still an EBU member at all? :(

  4. And so it begins… :)

    It’s nice to see that three of the least successful countries this year (Austria, Belarus, Netherlands) have already joined esc 2013. As for the other participants, I just hope nobody will withdraw, and that Liechtenstein will be able to make their debut next year!

    • Theres a Strong Possibility the UK will be unfortuantly withdrawing and never coming back, and if they withdraw it could spark off more western european withdrawals like what happend with JESC.

  5. I am glad for The Netherlands and especially Austria ! I wish ORF will try a little bit harder next year and get back on track like in 2011. I had no doubt about Albania of course..It’s their best result up to date.

  6. I think Slovakia may withdraw. Switzerland should return as well, they almost made it this year. Belgium will stay just because neither of the two parts wants the other one to do it all alone, right?

    What about the UK?

    • I can confirm that there is no chance of withdrawal…Virtually no one thought Iris deserved a good result this year so not a major dissapointment occured..And there is of course the “competition” between the two broadcasters which would not allow any of them witdrawing..The french broadcaster feels entitled now to match Tom Dice’s success the flemmish broadcaster is responsible of..

    • UK are at major risk of withdraw, Celebrities and the media are urging the BBC to quit after Humperdinck’s dismal entry reached 25th, and are saying it’s all political, read my message bellow for details. But I just hope we don’t withdraw, somehow though I can just see it happening after the delayed and rather late announcement BBC, made this year of our entry, and the choice of singer too, it just seems more or likely. It’ll be a real pity too, as they won’t come back after a withdraw, that will be it, and they had potential to do well after blues 11th in 2011, which I reckon wasn’t that bad, and our 5th place with Jade in 2005.

    • *misstyped there meant to have put 2009 not 2005

  7. That’s a good sign. :) RTP will also confirm sooner or later. Even if they do not, I am pretty sure TVI or SIC willd not miss the opportunity of trying success in ESC.

  8. I have a feeling regarding which will be the very last country to confirm participation…Provided of course that they/we will actually participate in the end.

  9. Spain have also confirmed! great to see all these countries confirming for esc12. Hope everyone is well here at ET! ^^

  10. Romania can wins in 2013,i think.

  11. Armenia will participate.

  12. There is a major risk UK could be Withdrawing in 2013 for good and never coming back, this is after UK media are persuading the BBC to quit the contest, they are giving the excuse that its all political, but then they seem to miss the fact that Eurovision has improved slightly since the jury was introduced, if jury hadn’t been there this year 3 members of the big 5 would have never got into the top 10, Spain would have never in particular, we would have never have come 5th in 2009 neither or would Switzerland have miraculously qualified! :( We got 25th place not because of Politics but because the entry was poor in comparison to other ballads in the Final and competition (Slovenia and Portugal). If BBC and our country want better results they need to put more effort in to send an entry more contemporary that represents our current music industry! BBC needs to change these negative perceptions music professionals, celebs, and the British public have towards Eurovision!

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  14. i hope morocco returns and ivi with cyprus

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