Eurovision 2012: The Latest Betting Odds

  Eurovision 2012 – 4 more hours till the biggest event of the year! Who will win Eurovision 2012? Apart from our prediction and the iTunes charts we also have to look at the famous betting odds. Last year they were dead wrong, naming France as the winner, which eventually finished 15th. What will happen tonight? Can the bookies restore their credibility or will it be another upset winner? Here is the full ranking of the final according to the bookies:

1. Sweden

2. Russia

3. Serbia

4. Italy

5. Romania

6. UK

7. Spain

8. Germany

9. Ireland

10. Denmark

11. Cyprus

12. Ukraine

13. Greece

14. Azerbaijan

15. Turkey

16. Norway

17. Malta

18. Iceland

19. Estonia

20. Moldova

21. FYR Macedonia

22. Albania

23. France

24. Lithuania

25. Hungary

26. Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Swedish odds are spectacular at almost 1 in most betting agencies. That is more than Alexander Rybak’s odds before he went on to claim the biggest victory in Eurovision history. We’ll see in almost 4 hours!

28 comments on “Eurovision 2012: The Latest Betting Odds

  1. Running order for the voting:


    The bookies always overrate the UK entry imo.

    • Thanks :)
      I checked and they also posted it on eurovision.tv. :)

      • I know but I sometimes like to advertise this small site which is run by a very nice chap from Mexico.

        • Cool! The order says Serbia didn’t do too well with juries, but Sweden did no? I mean all Nordic, Baltic countries that I expect to vote for Sweden are in the later half, and Balkan countries in the beginning… I’m confused…

          • I thought the same. But looking back on last year’s voting tells a different story. Sweden was in the lead halfway through and the 2nd half of the voting was an Italian show. In the end Azerbaijan won. Perhaps it is still Italy … Btw, having read the interview with our jury on NDR’s site, I have a feeling that they gave 12 to Sweden.

          • Thanks for the link, togravus :)

            Btw, Adriana Magganiá, who will present the Greek vote is a very nice journalist in the world news section in ERT.

  2. I think they are very wrong with UK, won’t be even near top 10 imo.

  3. My votes for tonight: the F.Y.R. of Macedonia, Turkey, Estonia, Iceland (or Italy or Spain depending on the vocal performance by Nina and Pastora respectively) and three votes for Albania: mine, togravus’s and shevek’s ;) :)

    Rona or Kaliopi FTW! :D

    A big hug to all eurofans! everyone, enjoy tonight’s show.

    off topic: it’s been now a week of almost constant rain here in Thessaloniki; as if the monsoon season has migrated here from India :) …It’s started getting on my nerves :S

    • Happy Eurovisioning, oxi! :)

      We could need a bit of your rain here. 25 to 30 degrees every day and not a drop in sight. I love it to bits. :)

      • Togravus, re: the rain, I’d say: Be my guest! ;) :) It’s all yours; I definately need some sun shine.
        Happy Eurovisioning to you too :)

        see you all tomorrow, guys!

        • you will vote for Turkey. He doesn´t know how to sing sorry, he sings like a goat, and he pull through. Estonia deserves to win this ECS. Unfortunately other things get in the way. I want to be wrong, but I think Russia will win esc this year just because they are older and people in general find them cute and other facts…

    • Same in Turkey but today it’s sunny and hoping it won’t rain again till October :)

    • Hi, Oxi. I will be voting for Rona. Enhoy the show! :)

  4. Eh, I don’t think it’s very reliable… And how the f*** did Iceland fall on 18th place?

  5. Guys, UK are always one of the favourites purely because lots of people in the UK bet on Eurovision – even Jemini and Josh Dubovie were favourites and look where they were at the end of the night!

    Bookies make people favourites to minimise their losses in case of a win due to the volume of bets, not because they really think they are going to win. A mute legless Giraffe could be favourite if enough people were betting on it…

  6. Regarding the voting order I presume they want to make Sweden look like they were nothing but a fanhype all this time ( thus increase the excitement factor ) but when all Nordics and Baltics wil start voting towards the end , Sweden will climb at first place ( if not there already ).

  7. A realistic ranking (although that’s the prediction on who will win and not the ranking the bookies predict..just a mathematical hint) apart from Romania and the UK who will not be placed that high imo…Tonight I am voting for : Sweden, Bosnia & Hezegovina, Hungary, Italy, Azerbaijan, Spain, FYR Macedonia, Germany, Ireland and Denmark aka my top 10 in the grand final (something very unfortunate has to happen in terms of performance to make me not to vote for one of them). I will terribly miss in the final : Slovenia and Switzerland. And The Netherlands to a lesser extent.

    • Lol!Guitar,voting for 10 countries will minimize any effect you have on the Belgian televote! :)

      • I did not say how many votes each of them is going to get ;) I am voting at least once for these (yes I am planning on reaching the limit of the 20 calls this year as well – no regrets because I am voting for the songs I like and not for regional reasons)

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  9. Wow.. not only did they get the winner right, but even the TOP 3!

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