Eurovision Poll: Who Will Win Eurovision 2012?

  Eurovision 2012 – The second semi-final is over, we have the 26 finalists. Time to ask you, our readers: Who do you think will win the Eurovision Song Contest 2012? You have one vote, use it wisely!


See our PREDICTION for tonight!

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400 comments on “Eurovision Poll: Who Will Win Eurovision 2012?

  1. Rona Nishliu

    • She was one of the best, and she deserved the 5th place. She was just amazing. Rona you are in our <3

  2. all albanian like her nobody else like her! lol . poor singer, poor voice, poor style, poor song, everything come from albania is so poor and crap! shit country !!!!!

    • When Samuel Beckett wrote ”Waiting for Godot” random people didn’t like it. They said things similiar like yours Mrs/Ms. Honest. The same happend with the paintings of Pablo Picasso. So, please, if you don’t understand thereal music, if you don’t hear/ feel or understand the text, but you only like some stupid random commercial music, understand that the problem is not the song or Rona..but its you. Stop writing those stupid things. Rona has been evalauted by BBC, Die Press Wien, or Correire della Sera with Aretha Franklin, Chaka Chan or Bjork,( but of course for you they are just some poor singers singing poor songs)..LMAO.

  3. me ancanta todo esto k chingon mie respetos saludos desde juarez chiuahua mexico por
    lunaaaaaaaaaaa la mas bonita de mi colonia ajajajajajajaa

  4. Interesting going through the comments in this thread. I wonder what the purpose of this invasion was. If the goal was to make people vote for Albania, it must actually have been counterproductive.

    But anyway: Go Ronaaaa ;-)

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