Become a Writer for The Eurovision Times

The Eurovision Times – This blog is looking for writers who would like to participate in making this blog great again. So if you have a blog that only few people visit or if you always wanted to have a blog and just didn’t have the nerve to create one this is your chance to shine and to let people hear your opinion ;) .

After a short testing phase you will gain the right to add posts here on your own. We are especially looking for help with daily news but editorials and articles about ESC History will also be greatly appreciated.  In case you are interested send a mail to theeurovisiontimes@gmail.com or just leave a comment!

Qualities you should have:

– be a Eurovision fanatic ;)

– very good English skills (Don’t be scared though I’m far from perfect myself ^^)

Hoping for your responses,

The Eurovision Times

24 comments on “Become a Writer for The Eurovision Times

  1. Hi! I’m interested, actually! I’ve loved eurovision for years, I’m in high school and I’ve only been watching it for about 6 years but I know all about the history of Eurovision, from Lys Assia, to Celine Dion, to Lena Meyer-Landrut! As for my English skills, well, I am English so they should be no problem and English is one of my best subjects in school. Seeing as I am only in high school I think it would be a good idea to get a viewpoint from the younger community! Thanks, Oliver

  2. Oh , yes I am very intrested, Im english so that helps and im so in love with eurovision. I would love to do this and I was going to set up a website but this one is great and I would love to help you! Please let me be a part of this amazing website!!!! you can contact me through my facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/?sk=lf#!/jack.cuffe (also you can see im doing a eurovision daily song blog – im in love with esc) this comment may seem very rushed however im a grade in english and b in spainsih!!!! please let me help it would be a complete honour!!!!!! ;-]

  3. I’ve emailed you! :)

  4. Oh good! It’s great… I wrote last two years about eurovision in spanish websites (cause i’m from spain) but it sounds pretty good.
    My English, maybe, has mistakes, although I really like english, and I want to live in USA, so I know english enough…

    …but I’m at my art studies, and I don’t have time enough in order to seek information and write it… and my way of write is very personal, not objective.

  5. Hello all! this is so great!! I am a Translation and Interpreting student and I would love to take this amazing chance as I would like to become a writer. The languages I study are French, English and Russian and I have the proficiency level in English.Of course I don’t need to mention I’m an ESC fan, till the point that I know by heart all the winners since 1998.

  6. Hey there! Glad you’re back and posting! We exchanged a few emails earlier in the year… I’m still happy to help out with the occasional post, but I’d actually like to help more on the technical side, with site design and perhaps statistics. Would love to chat with you about it sometime.

  7. Evryone who has sent an e-mail concerning this topic has received a response! If you didn’T get it check your junk mails or write again to this adress : theeurovisiontimes@gmail.com
    Our old mailadress made some problems and thus we created a new one!

  8. Hi, I’m really interested because I’ve been following the Eurovision Song Contest since a couple of years ago and I’m loving it and I’ve really good english skill and I think i will soon master the language. About me: i’m from Mexico, depsite here is a lack of interest of the Eurovision Song Contest I became a big big fan, but I always feel like the strange one because when I ask my friends about Eurovision they reply me: ‘is that a tv channel?’ or just with a simple ‘no’

  9. Hi guys. Here I am a 26 year old Eurovision fanatic, eager to make his first steps into writing about his passion! I’d love to hear more about this great opportunity! Dimitri

  10. Belgium, been living in the UK for almost four years though.
    Sending the email right now :)

  11. Hahahahaha “I don’t want this to be a second oikotimes” was epic :D

  12. I’ve sent you an application via email :)

  13. Hello from Turkey! I’m Odul and I’m a big fan of Eurovision for six years. I’ve worked on Official Eurovision SC Club in Turkey for 3 years. I’m also interested in Eurovision History too. I really want to join Eurovisiontimes team and give a high performance for your web-site :)

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