Euroclub: Armenian Music Unwelcome

  Euroclub – Several sources report, that the DJ at the Euroclub was advised not to play Armenian Eurovision entries anymore. After he played Armenia’s 2010 entry “Apricot Stone” by Eva Rivas, the authorities apparently intervened and prohibited any Armenian music. Azerbaijan and Armenia are in a quasi state of war, which is also why Armenia withdrew from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The EBU has claimed that they will keep the contest completely unpolitical, incidents like these beg to differ.


9 thoughts on “Euroclub: Armenian Music Unwelcome

  1. Azerbaijan and their secret police behave like bullies, I hope they never win the competition again all we hear is propaganda from a country who beat up or imprision anyone who disagrees with their ruling family.

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    • It would be better if you were engaged in your own country, which has become the most monoethnic country of the world after ethnic cleansings carried out by Armenian authorities. Armenia is similar to North Korea. It has the same hysteria and poverty.

  3. what does everyone expect after the atrocities Armenians have caused to Azeries over decades? Does anyone appreciate that a country whose land is occupied for 20 years manages to keep developing, including the democratic reforms (slower than could – thanks to the Armenian aggression) and that all that glitter may lead people think that there is no problem in the country, underestimate the occupation and the Armenian aggression. So those may not understand why such things happen against anything Armenian in Azerbaijan. Well, imagine 1943 – in London they played German songs and celebrated October fest… Cannot imagine right? so why everyone is so surprised at Azerbaijan’s behaviour? Maybe it would be worthwhile for those who leave ignorant comments here to learn more about the Armenia-Azerbaijan problem, then post here? Azerbaijan would have resolved the problem long ago, using it’s right as per the Intl law, to restore it’s integrity, but not wanting to destabilise the region with an offensive, trying to be constructive and retain an image of a peaceful nation, Azerbaijan continues with the peace-talk efforts… Seems nobody appreciates that and the whole world is turning a blind eye on this injustice, criticising the victim for democratic issues, almost praising the aggressor forgetting that it;s democracy is ever at worse state, and the country is broke, government not caring about own people pursuing the territorial aggression at expense of economic and demographic disaster!

  4. This is so funny. Apricot Stone from the greatest singer Eva Rivas was just amazing. There was passion,armenian history and it was so melodical. Evebody,who isn’t from Azerbaijan loved it, because they undrestand,that Apricot Stone was the BEST song from Armenia. Azerbaijan felt that Armenia is better than them,so they used all kinds all shit to get Armenia out of their way. Didn’t helped guys,you can try maybe next time.
    But there is something i want you to know. No Azerbaijan can hurt us or cost us trouble. All around the word are many and many of diplomatic Armenians,who will solve this situation and you Azerbaijan will soon get hurt :) ..ARMENIA has stronger weapons than you !! Believe me..Believe Armenia

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