The (Real) Star of Eurovision 2012: Terry Vision

  Eurovision 2012 – The Eurovision Song Contest 2012 is in full swing and has produced a brand new star (at least for me). Our friends at ESC Insight have been able to engage UK Eurovision legend Terry Vision to do interviews for them. In the big sea of Eurovision interviews appearing all over the web, his special technique to use humor to get real answers is completely refreshing. Here is one of his best so far with Iceland’s Great and Jónsi:

Make sure to catch Terry’s newest interviews on ESC Insight!

11 comments on “The (Real) Star of Eurovision 2012: Terry Vision

  1. His Tooji interview is even better and Terry Vision on the red carpet is great fun too. :)

    In the Iceland interview I do not like his constant leering at Jónsi while more or less ignoring Gréta …

  2. He’s been consistently funny, I’ve enjoyed him a lot.

  3. Love Terry really..And this interview with Jonsi & Greta (well Jonsi mainly that would be..) is one of the funniest ! But the one with Kaliopi is unsurpassable really (and their coversation at the red carpet)

    • You call what he did with Kaliopi on the red carpet a conversation? I call that being close to having sex … LOL

      • I really think Terry will propose to Kaliopi after the contest is over..!! And I am even more certain she will accept :P

  4. LOL, and oh my god, Jon Josep is so hot! I saw the first dress rehearsal, oh my god, Albania is still the best (I’m dead serious) and Jedward is… well… my wish list (from first to tenth): Albania, Israel, Iceland, Finland are the 4 that I really would die for, then I think Switzerland, Denmark and Hungary really deserve to make it considering this bunch, the last three I’d save would be Moldova, Latvia and Austria (so out for me are Monteengro, Greece, Romania, Belgium, San Marino, Cyprus, Russia and Ireland, but I’m sure Greece and Romania will make it, sadly, however Cyprus will be the kate ryan of the year)

    • I won’t discuss more now because it could change (especially Latvia and Austria making the cut) after seeing the live and I will explain in length as I do every year my FINAL rankings when they are known after eurovision…

      as for a prediction I’d say that Romania, Russia and Iceland are the three I’m sure of; for a very long time I said Denmark would do a Anna Bergendhal, but that would only be true if she were in the second semi, in this one, she’s going through I think. I also think Ireland are not going to do that well, but they’ll barely make it. That’s five, as for the other five, it could go almost to anyone, except Montenegro and San Marino which I don’t see through at all and I also still think that between Greece and Cyprus, one will kill the other, and I’ll shock people but I think Cyprus won’t make the cut. I also don’t think Finland will stand out at all, and I fear the worst for Hungary too. Both of them being undeservely kill, their only hope is to grasp the juries help big time… which leaves hope for Albania and Israel after all! I think Rona is just too amazing to not convince. She was an instant love of mine, and then she made it through three long nights of FiK and the juries will love her!

    • Of course Rona is miles ahead of everyone else but Europe will probably think differently and vote for … oh those Grannies are soooo cute and … Eleftheria / Ivi is so hot … Jedward are so funny. I hope that at least the juries will judge based on the merit of the songs and live performances.

      Btw, I love Finland’s song too but the way they have staged this one is rather unfortunate imo.

      I hope that Albania, Iceland, Israel and Moldova will qualify … and Romania … not because I love the song but because they are fantastic live. I still would have prefered Elena to choose a less slutty outfit though.

      Keep the grannies out of their final! Their song is utter waste and they couldn’t sing live to save their lives! I know that it won’t happen … :(

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  6. So funny :D

  7. […] The (Real) Star of Eurovision 2012: Terry Vision (eurovisiontimes.wordpress.com) […]

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