Eurovision 2012: More Second Rehearsals Completed

Eurovision 2012 – A further five acts have this morning completed their second rehearsals. Slovenia, Croatia, Sweden, Georgia and Turkey have all now had several run throughs each, and we’ve got a feel for what it may look and sound like in the semi finals. Check out their second rehearsal videos now. First up was Slovenia, and Eva Boto‘s voice just shone. I’m a little disappointed the backing singers are still looking like they’ll have the Greek Goddess style outfits instead of the big white cotton wool headdresses from their national final. Also I’m not a fan of Eva’s dress if that is the final thing…with all those flowers stuck on it. Very simple lights and choreography is quite effective.

Nina Badrić from Croatia makes use of a lot of cloud effects on her background. The dancers look well dressed but the choreography is nothing special. Her voice is good. Not sure it has anything special enough to qualify if this is the final show.

Sweden’s Loreen seemed to be making more use of her voice this time after claims of illness a few day ago. Effective use of costume and hair in the wind machine. Nice dance moves in almost a fight scene with her dancer at the end. Will look great on screen.

Oh Georgia, what did you have on Anri? Dressed like a monk in a red robe, stripped off(badly) to reveal not a lot except some glitter. The dancers look like cheap lapdancers. Everything looks jaded and unenthusiastic still at this stage. Probably will end up looking great on TV but still doesn’t detract from it being an awful song to my ears. I don’t like anything about this song or performance.

Can Bonomo is last for this morning before the break for Turkey. I almost like the sea lighting with boat helm and seashorses. But then when he and his dancers actually get in a little boat on the stage I just start thinking ‘unnecessary gimmick’ fr a classy performer. Can isn’t dancing as energetically as he usually does either, is he holding back or is this the final version?

Videos source : ESCXtra

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162 comments on “Eurovision 2012: More Second Rehearsals Completed

  1. Does anyone know the details about jury voting?Is there a special broadcast for them for dress rehearsals or do they already have a ready list waiting to be given…The later is what comes to my mind first :)

    • I think this year the juries will watch the 2nd dress rehearsal after it is done..And they will have the chance to watch the performances many times before they vote or something like that..At least that’s what I recall reading.

      • Guitar,you may be right.I remember reading something like that last year but i didn’t read anything about it lately.

        • I have read this one today dimitris..But I have read so many blogs and reports today I can’t recall where exactly..

          • Eurovision.tv says that they are watching the 2nd dress rehearsal and they are voting afterwards.

          • By the way,do you like Jedward’s outfits?Cause to me they look like a camp star wars meets Robocop parody.It looks like a non qualifier now… :P

            • Don’t get too excited ;) The twins are going through…And LOVE the new outfits (and the way you described them !) :D

    • mer maid,the 2nd dress rehearsal begins now and the juries will watch it live and cast their votes.By the way,that esckaz blog is dreadful!They refer to singers in a horrible way!

      • Thanks guys!so there will be a special broadcast for them! I can’t wait to learn their votes…specially their votes to Russia :D

  2. as the saying goes “denial of everything is the best form of defence”…my feeling here, guess we’ll get the “baku was terriible, we couldn’t play Armenian songs in nightclubs etc during ESC week etc”, but after the event…cowards!!!

  3. Rona apparently nailed it. Yes!

  4. check out the BBC’s Panorama’s “Eurovision’s dirty secret”, it makes even long term ESC fans like me, make me think twice about what is the essence of ESC, was broadcast tonight on BBC1, my previous comments seemed to have got “lost” here too…censorship?!, website will let me know about that…pretty and lovely esc happening going on re what is really going on behind the scenes…?

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