TEKO: Second Chance Playoff

TEKO – So now all the results have been announced we can see which three 2nd place acts in the heats got the most percentage of votes. The three countries going through to the Heat 16 for a second chance are: Norway, Portugal and Albania. Vote for your favourite now and use this second chance to save them! You only have 24 hours to vote!

Here are the three acts with a second chance…

Heat 16:

Albania – Rona Nishliu – ‘Suus

Portugal – Philippa Sousa – ‘Vidha Mina

Norway  – Tooji – ‘Stay

Click on the respective flags to see the song and vote for your favourite now. Voting will only be open for 24 hours!

10 comments on “TEKO: Second Chance Playoff

  1. I am sooooo voting for Rona. Sorry Filipa, I really like your song too. Say no to Norway!

  2. I voted for Rona too and I shall be csating a curse on anyone who votes for Norway! Consider yourselves warned! LOL

  3. Albania>>>>>>>>>>>>>Portugal>Norway ! However , All 3 are in my top 20 this year ;)

  4. Portuguese song doesn’t quite pull my heart strings. I like Albanian song for it’s feel and Rona’s amazing singing but as a song itself it’s not at all my favorite. And Norway I like a lot – great choruses, great delivery. So, obviously my choice was Norge.

  5. Easy choice for me here – Portugal!

  6. Delighted Albania made it through and Portugal which I really have grown to love this year.

  7. Albania>>>>>>>Portugal>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Norway

    Sophistication FTW!

  8. All these songs are bad, but the least bad IMO is Norway. :P

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