TEKO: It’s Almost Time for the Duels

TEKO – It’s time soon for the second Round: The Duels. The winners of the respective Heats will now compete in Duels. The Winner of each Duel will proceed to the Third Round. Check out who is up against who in the duels. You’ll be able to vote for your favourites from later today, and tomorrow.
The Duels:

Duel 1: Netherlands vs. United Kingdom

Duel 2: Denmark vs. Ireland

Duel 3: Italy vs. Ukraine

Duel 4: Spain vs. Serbia

Duel 5: Finland vs. France

Duel 6: Iceland vs. Greece

Duel 7: FRY Macedonia vs. Germany

Duel 8: Sweden vs. Winner Heat 16 (still open for voting here)

There’s some tough choices to make! Polls will open later today so check back.

5 comments on “TEKO: It’s Almost Time for the Duels

  1. Whoever wins heat 16 will go out in the next round. After all, Sweden has won every single poll I have seen on the net …

  2. I think that heats 4, 5 and 7 will be interesting. In the others, it’s pretty easy to predict the winners, and, as togravus said, whoever will have to fight against Sweden in heat 16 is unfortunately doomed…

  3. Hope to see Netherlands , Denmark , Italy , Serbia , Finland , Iceland , Germany and Sweden through !

  4. I’ll vote for the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Finland, Iceland, Macedonia and Sweden…

  5. The Nederlands, Denmark, Italy, Spain, France, Iceland, Macedonia,, Sweden

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