TEKO: First Results of Heats Announced

TEKO – The results are in for the heat phase of The Eurovision Knockout competition and we can now reveal the winners of the first four heats. The three 2nd place acts in the heats that get the highest number of votes will get a second chance in the Heat 16 playoff. Check out our first four qualifiers here now.

Here are the first four results:

Heat 1

Netherlands 80%

Austria 20%

So The Netherlands go through to the next round!

Heat 2:

Denmark 48%

Azerbaijan 33%

Hungary 19%

Well done to Denmark who go through to round 2.

Heat 3

Estonia 18%

Italy 56%

Romania 26%

Italy are therefore the winners and go on in the competition.

Heat 4:

Montenegro 19%

Spain 67%

Belgium 14%

Well done to Spain for easily winning the 4th heat.

So were there any shocks there, or surprises at the size of the victory?

5 comments on “TEKO: First Results of Heats Announced

  1. Im surprised Hungary that Hungary didn’t Finnish second

  2. I agree.But Estonia should have won heat #3. Romania gets second chance?

  3. how did Romania beat Estonia to second place?

  4. The percentages in Heat 3 are not correct. If you count the percentages : 18 + 56 + 36 you can see that it’s 110 %, LOL. :P

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