Eurovision 2012: First Press Arrive in Baku

Baku – The first of the accredited press have arrived in Baku and are busy familiarising with their new home for the next two weeks. The press centre officially opens tomorrow although accreditation can be collected today. Lots of photos of the Crystal Hall stage have also been released, and the first of the delegations are on their flights as we type. Eurovision 2012 has officially started!

4 comments on “Eurovision 2012: First Press Arrive in Baku

  1. how come we never debated the stage of Baku 2012 now that it has been revealed?

  2. I think it’s all looking great so far, wouldn’t have minded going from what I’ve seen. Baku looks lovely. The All Kinds Of Everything team have already arrived so I shall be following their reports closely. Excitement is building now. One more sleep until we get a glimpse of the entries on the bigger stage. let the competition begin. Enjoy the next two weeks folks.

    • Hi Martin!

      I always read the AKOE blog too because it provides the most objective coverage of the rehearsals (live vocals, visual impression etc.) to be found on the net. And once you know the AKOE guys (and the lady who joined last year) a bit, you get a pretty good idea what chances the songs might have. You simply have to ignore stuff like Austria 2011 will be top 5, France 2011 will win or Germany 2010 won’t go anywhere. At least it is pretty easy to identify their blind spots.

  3. Hi Togravus,

    They do a sterling job on their reporting and still manage to party! I agree they do give an objective perspective and can be amusing too as well as an amiable bunch. Of course, as with everyone, they manage to get it wrong in parts too but I do get a better idea of how things are developing from them and this in turn helps me make my mind up when it comes to making my final selections.Looking forward to seeing the stage and performers in action.

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