Serbia: Official Video for Zeljko Joksimovic

Serbia – The official video by Željko Joksimović for ‘Nije ljubav stvar‘ sees Zeljko partnering Nenad Mahmutović, the winner of the Serbian version of “I’ve got Talent” 2011 to perform the song in sign language. Zeljko came second behind Russia in Eurovision 2004 and will have a lot of support again this year. He performs in semifinal 2 on May 24th.
Official video:

The song has also been recorded in Spanish alongside Spanish singer Samuel Cuenda as ‘Su Amor Me Vencio

Source: Minacord Music

4 comments on “Serbia: Official Video for Zeljko Joksimovic

  1. I love the simplicity of the video. And the song is really really growing on me. Serbia 2013 anyone??

    • Why not, the song is quite high in rankings so far, and I personally think it’s much better than Molitva :)

      • this song really i dont find that good , he have betters songs ,but ok,when you compare every song with Rusia 2012 everything is wonderful

  2. bravo Željko. I love you!

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