Eurovision 2012: Visa Update for Non-Schengen Citizens

Baku – Visitors to Baku from the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland have been warned by the BBC that they may not be allowed to pay for their visas in Euros, and must take US Dollars…and more than expected!  The Head of Delegation for the UK, Andrew Cartmell, has alerted UK fans to the difficulties he experienced upon visiting Baku a few weeks ago for the Heads of Delegation meeting. The information that had been previously issued said that visitors with accreditation or tickets needed to pay approximately 60 Euros for the entry visa at Baku airport. Recently it has been pointed out that there was also a remark that this may vary if there was a different arrangement in place between a country and Azerbaijan… as is the case with the UK.

Upon arrival at Baku, the BBC delegates were told that as they were British passport holders they needed to pay $118 US dollars rather than 60 Euros. That’s because the UK is not signed up to the Schengen agreement.The delegates had to be escorted to cash machines by border police to withdraw dollars and were unable to pay in Euros. It is unlikely normal ticket holders would be given this escort service.

If you are travelling to Azerbaijan on a British passport, it is therefore strongly advised that you take US dollars with you to be on the safe side or you may have problems getting your visa. Apparently no change is given when paying for the visa either so travellers are advised to try to take exact money.

Travellers from other countries outside of the Schengen area should double check what they will need to pay, and in what currency, when they arrive in Baku.

Source – BBC

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