Eurovision 2012: Interval Acts Announced

Eurovision 2012 – Azerbaijani officials have announced the interval acts for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. A mixture of foreign and local stars, from traditional local music to pop will be appearing in the Crystal Hall on May 26th and at the semi-finals. It is tradition for the opening and interval acts of the final to reflect the national culture of each Host Country.

This year will see the mugham legend Alim Qasimov, the Natiq rhythm band, the Azerbaijan National Dance Ensemble, and the singer and composer Emin perform.  Foreign dancers, DJs, a music band made of Eurovision Song Contest stars, the participants of previous contests, and other popular local and foreign singers will present their shows during the Semi-Finals’ interval acts.

The rehearsals of opening show and interval acts will be conducted in Buta Palace, Sport and Concert Complex named after Heydar Aliyev and Baku’s other concert halls.

Source: Eurovision.tv

5 comments on “Eurovision 2012: Interval Acts Announced

  1. Hulluna, I respect your work and the fact that you’re trying to keep this blog alive, but simply copying and pasting the news from the official site won’t help eurovisiontimes to get back its fantastic readers. I mean…seriously, this site used to be great because of the originality we saw in the articles and so on…I know you mentioned the source, but that ain’t helping either. In the end, everybody will remember this as the blog where original stuff were posted and nobody will come back just for something which was copied from another source.

  2. :( I’m really sorry. I have tried to at least post some news articles when I can, just to keep the site alive as I was asked, but I am the only person posting anything at all at present. I cannot run the site alone and no-one else submits any articles. I don’t know if Manuel is coming back :(

  3. Very nice Local music better than running scared lol
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