Spain: Anger as Spanish Only Broadcast One Semi-final

Spain – Spanish Eurovision fans have reacted with anger and disappointment upon learning that national broadcaster TVE has decided to only show the first semi-final and final on TV this year. Spain can only vote in the first semi-final. José María Íñigo will be the commentator, while Elena S. Sánchez will announce the Spanish points in the final. Germany however have confirmed they will show both semi-finals and final.

7 comments on “Spain: Anger as Spanish Only Broadcast One Semi-final

  1. Every year the same theather

  2. TVE should start caring for ESC first and expecting better results later. If you put sth very low on your list of priorities, you can hardly expect success.

    • that wasn’t necessarly true for italy…

      • Italy were very lucky because they had no clue what ESC is about and sort of accidentally sent a quality song whereas TVE obviously still thinks that ESC is a tacky vocal acrobatics or summery shake it! thing which it isn’t anymore … thank God!

        • well said… somehow that applies for the United Kingdom in my opinion, too… I think they also have an obsolete idea of the Contest…

  3. Why does this Article show up in the category “Germany” ?

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