Eurovision 2012: Has Crystal Hall Failed Safety Test?

Baku – According to reports tonight, the Crystal Hall in Baku may have failed its latest safety check. EscDaily report that Isaac Bickerstaff, who conducted the latest checks, informed their website; “ “I fear seven of this year’s songs could crack the crystal.” It is expected that there will be more news about this at midday on 1st April.

50 comments on “Eurovision 2012: Has Crystal Hall Failed Safety Test?

  1. Right, good news, good Aprils fool joke :-P

  2. ;)

    We do hope so. I can’t be doing with the stress of no venue at this stage!

    • I saw that one on My Eurovision Diary too. Luckily I had already had a shower and breakfast so that my brain had already started to work properly … ;)

  3. It’s an April Fool, isn’t it?

  4. I miss the April jokes on diggiloo.net.

  5. Been a while since I’ve posted. Had a tough couple weeks. Nice to be back though. Just did the escnation simulato. A very unique ‘April Fool’. Guernsey (funnily enough where my late mother and her family originate) won! Soctland came last! Check it out once you select and run. Quite amusing. Well it made me laugh.


    • I am still at my desk struggling with paperwork and used a short break I had to play the simulator too. Here are the results:

      1. Chechnya
      2. Madeira
      3. Skagafjarðarsýsla

      Abkhasia came last. LOL

  6. Hi guys.
    How’s it all going? Hope you’re well. :)
    Getting quite exciting as the contest gets ever closer. Awaiting the release of the CDs now.
    Chechyna LOL! It is rather fun. Am going to give it another go to see if the Faroe Islands make the final! Was surprised there was no Wales or N.Ireland.
    Have to adjust my rankings too as Portugal (probably no cnance but would dearly love for it to do well) and Spain (If she delivers this could be a dark horse imo) have moved up in my estimation mainly because I’ve been listening to them more often.

    • Hi Martin

      Thanks, I am fine. We enjoyed two weeks of premature summer with temperatures between 20 and 26 degrees here in Stuttgart. Temperatures dropped to normal again three days ago and now we could need a bit of rain because there hasn’t been a drop for more than a month.

      Today, I do my taxes for 2010 and 2011. I hate paperwork!
      I hope that you are well too.

      P.S. If you are interested, you can find my complete commented ranking for 2012 on my profile page.

      • The same is everywhere Toggie, very small amount of rain in autumn 2011 and now in spring 2012 in Europe! Summer will be very hot and dry i’m afraid.. :( However today was snowing above 800 meters in Serbia! :D And in Czech Republic..I’m checking all the time weather in Spindleruv Mlyn and Snezka peak because I go there again for the May 1st.. :D I was with my father in August, but we liked it there and now we will bring one big group (one bus) there for the May 1st! :) We will follow route we did, just in a shorter period (we have been 10 days and now we guide the group for 5 days – 1 day in Prague as well) :)

        • And there is a lot of new snow on Snezka peak these days, I hope will be good weather for the May 1st when we guide a group there! :D We already have 35 persons…so we have to do it.. :D :)

          • That sounds fantastic. I have just learned that the business assignment I have for June might be postponed to July. If this becomes reality, I will join my parents on their three week tour through Greece. The are experienced and adventurous travellers but now that they are over 70 years old, I always feel a bit better and more relaxed when I can come along, in particular because they simply love driving on narrow and winding mountain lanes and my mum in particular can never be stopped when it comes to climbing whatever there is to climb … towers, steeples, cliffs, mountains etc.

  7. Hi Togravus
    Am not too bad thanks considering. Am a bit emotional these days as my dear brother passed away last week to that hideous disease, cancer. It was all very quick and he wasn’t in pain but it’s been very hard to take. However am doing my best to get on as he wouldn’t want me being down.

    Yes, we had a good ten days of sunny weather too but it seems to have passed and this week looks set to be much cooler but improving at the weekend. Looking forward to a decent summer I hope.

    I hate doing tax receipts etc it is dull so I get someone to do it for me, Should really learn to do it myself!

    I enjoyed reading your comments and rankings. Very concisely written and I agree with most of the comments if not the actual rankings ;) Mine keep changing and are a tad bonkers but I don’t care! No doubt they will change again once rehearsals start.

    • Oh, I am very sory to hear about your brother. My deepest condolences!

      My rankings won’t change until the rehearsals begin because I won’t listen to the songs again until the end of May (with one exception only, our annual preview party). In 2006, I listened to the songs all the time and then was terribly bored with almost all of them at the time of the contest. I don’t want that to happen again. Plus I have a very good musical memory and thus can hum all 42 songs whenever I want to.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that dear Martin! :( :(

    • I’ve just read your comment above. My condolences, Martin.

      P.S.: I have not tried the simulator yet.

      • Thank you dear Shevek. In time the hurt will heal. Hope all is going well with you.

        The simulator has reverted back. Was fun while it lasted. I’ve had some odd results with Austria winning and Spain getting no points. Still it whiles away a few minutes.

    • All my confolences, Martin.

    • My deepest condolences to our dear Martin :(

  8. Thanks guys. Life can be cruel but we make the best of it.

    I don’t think I’d be able to remember half the songs this year never mind hum them lol. Then again I haven’t been playing them all that often from the selections – just when I feel in the mood I’ll hit certain countries and my favs. I will probably have the cds on constantly though. Will be plugging some of the more popular ones on my radio show in the coming weeks too. Had my first one on Friday night, was fun and the ‘Eurovision Intermission’ feature went well! Poor listeners had no choice hee hee. Sure it was a bit of craic!

  9. I did simulator, my TOP 5:

    1. Scotland (236)
    2. Ingushetia (182)
    3. Jura (168)
    4. Basque Country (163)
    5. Crimea (144)

    Guernsey came last with 10 points!
    Also Udmurtia where Buranovskie babushki are from voted, but it wasn’t in final! LOL :D

    Somebody know? Ppl from Greenland can watch ESC and vote like a part of Denmark or not?

    • I don’t think so because Greenland is an independent state under the Danish crown. They aren’t part of the EU either and our Roselil keeps campaigning for Greenland to join ESC. :)

  10. LOL! It’s been different and fun but I’ll prefer it when the simulator returns to normal.

    Good question. Am not sure if they can actually vote.

  11. At first I thought Israel is sure qualifier, but now when I see 833 likes and 586 dislikes I’m not so sure anymore…

    • Hi Marko, I don’t know what has happened to ET. We don’t get any news anymore … :(

      And Israel MUST be in the final. It is my favourite uptempo song this year.

      • I might email Manuel to see if he’s in the shadows and able to accept articles that need approval. If so, I might do something.

      • yes, I think so, too… Israel’s my current # 6… I hope they’ll make the finals…

        • Israel’s song is my #2 and I would hate it that it fails to make it. The song is catchy and very different so it could definitely get enough votes, but it all depends on the performance for such a song. If they go too far, it’ll be a joke entry for viewers who will not vote for it. If they don’t go far enough, it’ll be boring and they won’t vote either. Hard one, but it could go far too. It deserves to.

  12. I’m so sorry to hear this tragic news, Martin! :’-( My deepest condolences to you and your family! With this I wish you much strength in this undoubtedly difficult time.

    A big hug from me!

  13. I hope they don’t make the final, only if they replace Albania in the final, then I’m OK with it! :P But if Albania pass, then Israel go home, it’s my number 13 in the first semi, but I think it will go down on my list!

    • Hiya Marko

      I have a feeling Israel will do well. I’m certain they’ll be able to deliver a good, fun performance which should see them safely through. I’m not sure on Albania making it (though I really wish for Suus to do well) But am sticking with my rankings and predictions for the moment. Things might become clearer once rehearsals start.

  14. Thanks to everyone for the kind words, it means a lot and I am deeply touched.

    It is a shame that there doesn’t seem to be as much activity news wise on here as one would have hoped for especially with so much going on. I will keep my fingers crossed that this will change as I do like coming on here. It is so much more relaxed and the nicest people from the other side seem to be popping up. Hopefully it will get better in the coming weeks if not days.
    Please ET keep up the good work don’t let us down! ;)

  15. @ Martin

    You really think Kaliopi can qualify as number 2 in the 2nd semi!!?? :O :O And you excluded Eva Boto, I would rather say Eva Boto will qualify for Slovenia than Kalipoi, but not as number 2, maybe 5-10th position in the 2nd semi!

    • With my qualifiers lists, it’s based on the running order and not actual 1st-10th place in qualifying. I’m only going on a hunch, it’s all a bit of a guessing game at this stage. I actually had Slovenia as the reserve entry to make the final from this semi and Switzerland from semi 1 but I forgot to add that so have done so now. I’d like Slovenia to qualify but there are quite a few ballads vying to get through so it is more than likely inevitable some will fall by the wayside. I think Serbia, B&H, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Estonia are the main contenders with Portugal (sadly) and Lithuania (gladly) not making it.

    1 SPAIN
    3 U.K.
    5 CYPRUS

  17. I’m in bus (public transport) going back from exam and listening to Nina Badric – “Nebo”, they play it on the radio “S” in the bus! :)

  18. this is so false ahahahahahahaha guys join us great chat about eurovision clik in my link


  19. These last few days that I’ve been coming here, seems that there no new articles. anyway, maybe there is no news around :(

  20. …and btw why is there a 2 hours difference? here it’s 17:26. Isn’t the site tuned in CET?

  21. Tut Tut! Very disappointing. Still nothing new on here. Not a good way to keep your members ET come along now please, wakey wakey! ;)

  22. […] het glas zouden kunnen breken. Deze namiddag zou er meer informatie komen. Ook een andere site EurovisionTimes pakt uit met dat nieuws vandaag. Zijn zij er ingetrapt of doen ze bewust […]

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