Eurovision 2012: Crystal Hall Takes Shape

Baku – Officials have released new video footage of The Crystal Hall, home to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The Hall, known as Baki Kristal Zali locally, is being constructed by German company Alpine Bau Deutschland AG, and will cost an estimated 6 million euro. It will hold 23,000 spectators and was originally expected to be completed on 31 March, 2012. Watch the video of the latest pictures from Baku.

Watch the short video here:

78 comments on “Eurovision 2012: Crystal Hall Takes Shape

  1. I hope everything turns out for the best- We’ll see. Good luck. :)

  2. Hi Shevek, have you seen maybe today our delegation on the street of Lisbon? LOL Tadic is in Lisbon now! :D

    I think this Arena will be great for ESC..and it’s close to National Flag square which is impressive and great! :) Good luck!

    • Hi, Marko. No, I have not. I have had a very busy day. I did drive around the Olaias, S. Domingos de Benfica and Alvalade areas, but I did not see them. What are they doing here?

      • Meeting with president of Portugal – Aníbal Cavaco Silva of course! It’s our president! lol

        • Pardon my ignorance! LOL I did not watch nor hear the news and I did not go to Belém (that where the President lives in the pink palace).

      • You sound like a pizza boy. ;) :)

        • I do, don’t I? LOL. Sometimes I wonder if that would not be better! I just don’t ride a motorcycle. I don’t particularly like pizzas either, but I eat one once in a while. We have codfish pizzas here; I am sure you won’t be trying them any time soon. :)

          • Yes, they always have some regional ones. I haven’t seen a potato pizza yet but you can get some with cauliflower, German susages and other strange stuff. And needless to say that wholemeal pizza is very popular in Germany, in particular among supporters of the Green Party …

  3. I have a feeling it will look great. :)

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  5. Complex is terrible. Our complex was better (JESC 2011) :P

    • The Hamalir is a stunning building, yes. Still, what is the point of your statement? This site is rather peaceful, and it would be nice if it stayed that way.

    • In other words, make yourself scarce.

      • Armenians don’t know about peace. They can only kill our children, which is do in many years.

        @ ARM
        Maybe you want to say that, “I Envy” :P

        • If you’re going to behave that way, you should make yourself scarce too, Alex.

          • Shevek, he’s not 15 years old yet.

            • He’s old enough to learn how to behave, Marko, and to think twice before saying whatever comes to mind.

            • @ Shevek

              I’m not going to say you smth bad. Because you’re in 45th age (mean the same with my dad). And I can respect to people.

              I don’t say whatever comes to my mind. Read this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khojaly_Massacre en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_January

            • And what exactly does history have to do with ESC? Please, keep this site free of politics. There is already more than enough of it on that other site. Thanks!

            • Oh God, I’m in SHOCK. :O This nation are demons. NO COMMENT!!!…..

            • Alex, nobody is innocent when it comes to massacres. Let’s focus on the songs, because that’s what ESC is about. We fans have that in common.

            • Nobody is innocent??? Bravo! NO COMMENT! BRAVO!

              And thanx to you Togravus!

            • Whatever you say.

            • Please Alex calm down dear, let’s have nice atmosphere..I don’t want to loose sweet Azeri (half Macedonian)boy in this site..Shevek and Toggie mean everything nice and peaceful believe me.. :(

  6. WAS expected to be completed means that it won’t?

  7. @ Marko

    Thanx Marko. But I don’t saw from they nothing nice and peaceful. And I realized that everyone here can tell about the PIZZA, but can’t defend their country. I’m so angryyyyyyyy. So Good Night!

    • @ Marko

      Can you please try to get Alex back on track, please. He has been such a nice guy and I had thought that he was wise enough (despite his young age) not to fight about political issues on an ESC site … :(

      @ Alex

      I try it myself. This site is about ESC. That creature who posted the intolerable comment isn’t even a regular of this site but just a troll to came here to provoke. Why don’t you just ignore stuff like that? Believe me, when Germany hosted last year, some creatures who had problems with Germany hosting ESC, Germany’s role in Europe or whatever posted hideous stuff (well, there is enough of it in my country’s past to feed millions of trolls but that didn’t have anything to do with Germany hosting ESC …) I simply ignored them instead of making a mess. That is the wise thing to do.

      Good night!

  8. Off topic: They have TEKO on this site. It is called Eurovision Battle.


  9. I’m not big ESC fan. But this year I listened to all songs. And it my ranking:

    First semifinal:
    1. ALBANIA
    2. ICELAND
    3. GREECE
    4. CYPRUS
    5. MOLDOVA
    6. DENMARK
    7. LATVIA
    9. HUNGARY
    10. ROMANIA
    11. IRELAND
    12. BELGIUM
    13. ISRAEL
    14. FINLAND
    15. RUSSIA
    16. SAN MARINO
    17. AUSTRIA
    Second semifinal:
    1. SWEDEN
    2. NORWAY
    4. TURKEY
    5. UKRAINE
    6. SERBIA
    9. ESTONIA
    10. BELARUS
    11. MALTA
    13. CROATIA
    15. GEORGIA
    16. BULGARIA
    18. SLOVAKIA

    Please, stop this anti-azeri comments!!!
    Aleks, sən də çalış ki, bu provakasiyalara aldanma. Onların məqsədi səni özündən çıxarmaqdır. Qoy hamısı sahibsiz itlər kimi hasardan bağırsınlar… Kef elə! ;)

    • Thanks dear Leyla! :-* Mən buna çalışacam. Ancaq unutma ki, nə vaxtsa o itləri də bağlamaq lazımdır. ;)



    You’ve still not understood that we all want you gone from here?!

  11. I’ve heard Donny Montel’s Georgian version of his ESC ong!! Hmm..I always wondered why is connection between Georgia and Lithuania so strong, they always exchange high points, and Lithuania even gives 12 points to Georgia always! And now they make georgian version..hmm..

  12. what the hell is that jazz intro?

  13. I have the feeling that this eurovision will be AWESOME :D can’t wait!
    hey to get more informed enter to my blog http://www.myeurovisiondiary.wordpress.com we would REALLY love to see you there! :D

  14. @ Shevek

    “‘When the music dies’ will most probably end up higher on my list after all is said and done. I hope that they do not go over the top with the stage presentation.”

    I knew that will happen, you were just annoyed that they send again from Sweden (and again the same team like last year), but as time goes on you will learn that it happens every year….especoally because that happens to Germany every year as well…

    • Azerbaijan should have been braver and gone for a song in Azerbaijani written by local authors. That said, ‘When the music dies’ is quite a good song, way better than last year’s effort. As for Germany, they seem to be afraid to send something written in German by a German team. There will always be countries making similar choices, unfortunately.

  15. I’m not involved in this scandal, but I do believe that ESC is not about politics. ESC was created to bring joy and to bring people closer, to make them ‘share the moment'(yeah, the Norwegian theme was pretty good) and so on. I strongly think that ESC 2012 will be amazing…and it can only be amazing if we cooperate. Fighting won’t help anybody so please, calm down and enjoy the good songs we have on offer this year ! :)

  16. I’ve just heard Loreen – “Euphoria” on our radio!! :O “Euphoria” will be the most popular ESC song EVER!! :O That never happens that song from Sweden is on our radio in March!!! :O

    • I never listen to the radio but my friends tell me that they only play ‘Standing Still’ here. The only entry that gets some serious attention here (opposed to the here is trashy ESC for you stuff = Russia) is Italy although people heavily criticise Nina for not singing in Italian. (Coming from Germany, that criticism is a bit funny …)

      P.S. Yes! Alyona and Robin won the WC again but gosh! that was close! :)

      • I saw in German MANYYYYYYY great comments for Loreen on YT and other sites..you will see it will be even in German charts after ESC!!

        • I have my doubts but we will see.

          Good night!

          • It will get 12 from German televoting, and 10 from jury, me thinks…

            Good night Toggie!

            • There is no way it will get 12 points from German televoting or 10 points from the jury imo but it is all speculation at this point anyway. It is just far too dated and lame to get anywhere here, I think.

              Well, good night for good now. Have sweet dreams!

            • What do you want to say? That Germany is Ultra modern for this song? LOOOL OK maybe it is, but why then shitty songs like Sakis Rouvas and some Turkish horrible entries get BIG points from Germany, like Hadise fe? They are really modern! lol “Euphoria” is definition of modern for them..or maybe last year Austria was modern, i liked it, but it isn’t..

              don’t need to replay, because you already said good night two comments ago.. :D

            • I won’t discuss things with you if you are in this mood. Have you ever heard of Greek and Turkish diaspora in Germany? Please, don’t act stupid because it is terribly tedious. And yes, Germany is a very modern country, for all the good and bad that means. The UK will get a big fat 0 from us this year unless they come up with a great gimmick!

              Btw, have you become Sweden’s n° 1 supporter once again although you originally did not like the song?

            • I’m in good mood, I discussed very nice… it’s seems you are too tired to discuss nice! :/
              Yes it’s diaspora, of course I know for that but still those are high votes, and you match them with modern, if Can Bonomo horrible music from Baghdad and Kabul is modern then NO COMMENT LOOL It’s AWFUL, if it competed for any other country it will never qualify! Shits like that stay in semis all the time, if that is modern then I’m Margaret Thatcher :D but Sweden is the most modern this year because ESC as package is very old fashioned…

  17. I think Germany televoting will be like this in the 2nd semi:

    1 point Slovenia
    2 points Ukraine
    3 points Croatia
    4 points Portugal
    5 points Bosnia & Herzegovina
    6 points Serbia
    7 points The Netherlands
    8 points Norway
    10 points Turkey
    12 points Sweden

    • Weren’t you the one who called Patrick rude and made a big fuss the other day when he gave some very general hints on how he expected the Balkans countries to vote? But of course you feel perfectly entitled to give a comlete list of German votes. I guess that you are a real expert on German taste whereas Patrick is just some redneck who cannot tell A from B … LOL Sometimes you are really a bit much … :(

      • much….what?? Feel free to tell!!

        I was angry just because he told we won’t give to Loreen, when I know that we will give to Loreen votes!! GOSH! I can write what i think Serbia will vote for this year as well, I can predict for all countries, but that must not be true.. :/ and for Germany I can’t predict jury at all…so i don’t predict it..

        I think Serbia televoting will be like this in the 2nd semi:

        1 point The Netherlands
        2 points Turkey
        3 points Norway
        4 points Ukraine
        5 points Bulgaria
        6 points Macedonia
        7 points Slovenia
        8 points Sweden
        10 points B&H
        12 points Croatia

        I think Serbia jury will be like this in the 2nd semi:

        1 point Turkey
        2 points Lithuania
        3 points Sweden
        4 points Portugal
        5 points The Netherlands
        6 points B&H
        7 points Estonia
        8 points Macedonia
        10 points Croatia
        12 points Slovenia

        so combined votes can be like this:

        1 point Portugal
        2 points Ukraine
        3 points Bulgaria
        4 points The Netherlands
        5 points Estonia
        6 points Sweden
        7 points Macedonia
        8 points B&H
        10 points Slovenia
        12 points Croatia

  18. Please my Toggie piece, please Toggie!!! If I’m not in piece with you then what is the point of coming here? There isn’t any! Please Toggie!!!!! :( :( :(

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  22. rona ishalla fiton jakthen fitoren allbenijes ke neje ze shum temir edhe nje keng temirilove you rona

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