Poll: Who will win Eurovision 2012?

Eurovision 2012 – We’ve now heard all 42 songs that will compete in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Who do you think will win? Do you agree that Sweden’s Loreen is a clear favourite to take the crown in Baku? Will Ireland’s Jedward build on last year’s appearance to take the top spot? Will the Russian grannies beat off multi-million disc seller Englebert Humperdink in a battle of the older generation? Vote now! 

Cast your vote here:

314 comments on “Poll: Who will win Eurovision 2012?

  1. It seems this site is flooded with Irish readers or Jedward fans because 13,88% say Ireland will win (the most after Loreen)! IMO it’s far from realistic with their 2nd year in a row appearance and QUITE weak entry!

  2. in the moment in this poll is
    1 Sweden
    2 Ireland
    3 Servia
    4 France
    5 Spain
    i like , but can be better when Netherland come up too

  3. @ Patrick

    Some of comments from Serbia (and Montenegro) about Loreen:

    “Swedeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee­eeeen <3 …
    Respect from Serbia <3…."

    "12 points from Montenegro!"

    "12 points from Bosnia :)"

    "1. Sweden
    2. Serbia"

    "Omg this guy "Tooji" from Norway is bad copy of Eric Saade ! Song is great but he is bad copy … Eric Saade is better and original :)  Loreen "Euphoria" will win :) Sweden ! <3
    Greetings from Serbia."

    "12 Points from Serbia :)))"

    "Slazem se :) … Good Luck Sweden, Euphoria is amazing song! :D
    Serbia loves you Loreen ^^"

    "Numberrrrrrrrrrr one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…greetings­ from CROATIA"

    "12 points from Croatia!!"

    "Beautiful,special and powerfull song,i have family in Sweden and I've been 2 times in Goteborg. I love Sweden and Swedish people. I wish you all the best and I will vote for you :)
    Good luck from Croatia. <3"

    So Patrick I dunno how you concluded that our televoting vote only for neighbors!!?? It's really not fair to say so…like our ppl don't like modern songs… :/

    • No, that’s not what I said Marko. First of all, Sweden’s song is not modern. 90s beat + power ballad does not equal modern. Second, what I was saying is that there are two extremely famous singers and an extremely famous composer competing for Balkan nations this year. Add to that a ballad that many are complimenting (Bosnia & Herzegovina), you’ve got a lot of star power in the Balkans that’ll take from their votes. It’s also worth noting that the Balkans was the area in which Eric Saade did the worst last year, followed by the Mediterranean nations.

      • And Germany. :)

      • But I know better for my country sorry! I knew last year that he will get small points because nobody had positive comments about him (and even with that he got some points!!), this year all here have positive comments for Loreen! Plus some of those will stay in semis, we can’t have all ex Yugo in the final…so she will get points from televoting!!

        • Eroc Saade was by far weaker than Loreen, I hate his entry and here in Serbia nobody liked his entry, his choreography was completely SHITE, this year Loreen is not 10/10 for me, but here ppl like that entry like in all countries…

          • It’s really ridiculous to say because he got small points from us, we will give null or small again to Loreen, it’s even a bit rude, because in that way it looks like you say we ONLY and ONLY vote with patterns, we have countries which we give points every year, but we also give to different countries every year!!!!!!

            • Once again, Marko. I NEVER said that. I said that you have celebrities in Eurovision this year. It’s been shown that regional celebrities do well in those regions. This is a fact. I also said that the Balkan nations typically don’t vote for the Scandinavians (there are some and will be some exceptions to this in the future). I NEVER said that the Balkans wouldn’t vote for Sweden, and I especially NEVER said that the Balkans vote geo-politically.

            • Yes I understand, but they actually do vote like that! :P :D And other half of the votes is not like that!

            • xD You’re just trying to contradict me now, aren’t you? :)

            • No Patrick, as you can see, I have already said that we do vote for certain countries every year and for some different countries every year! :)

        • I never said she wouldn’t get points from televoting but that she wouldn’t get high points from the Balkan countries, and I don’t know about that. Sure, it’s pretty much a forgone conclusion that Montenegro won’t be in the final (poor Montenegro, sending such a daring entry), but every other Balkan nation has a chance. I also was talking about televoting from every Balkan nation, not just the former Yugoslavs. I don’t see Sweden getting high points from Bulgaria or Albania either (I do see it coming from Greece and Romania though).

          And you’re right, Marko. You know your country better than I do, as much as I wish it wasn’t true (I REALLY want to live in the Balkans). I’m just doing the best I can to predict what I can.

          • Maybe one day you will have opportunity for that… but I simply don’t find that as a very good idea! LOL :D

            Last year our jury shocked me with VERY high points for Lithuania! :/

            • Well, Marko. It’s what I’ve dreamed of doing for years. I even found a friend that’s wants to study Albanian with me. All we need to do is buy some resources.

            • Albanian, and to live in Albania? :O Are you serious? Maybe diplomacy, but to leave the USA and go to Albania or here sounds…hmm..let’s say…”a bit” strange…

            • It is strange, Marko. It is.

              I’m currently in the beginning stages of planning a European study abroad and trip for Summer 2013. I’m still trying to decide where to go in the Balkans. I know I want to visit Tirana for a weekend. What other nation/city would you recommend?

            • I love mountains, but if you are not that type then it won’t do anything for you…well all capitals have smth to offer…also some other cities and towns..I can write to you on mail one day..it’s better not here :)

            • I have been to all Balkan countries, except Albania! And Croatia I saw very little (have been in transit and have been there a lot, in many places when I was a lil’ child and when it was part of SFRYugoslavia), but I know about it very much! lol :D

            • Okay. I’m more of a city/town person, but I do like natural scenery. Maybe someplace within a reasonable distance from the mountains?
              Anyway, you can take your time. I still have… over a year. Lol

  4. My favorite songs of preselection season (in this order):

    1. Sweden – Sonja Alden “I din himmel”
    2. Estonia – Lenna Kuurma – “Mina jaan”
    3. Sweden – Lisa Miskovsky – “Why start a fire”
    4. Norway – Yaseen & Julie Maria – “Sammen”
    5. Moldova – INAYA – “Lights”/The Netherlands – Kim de Boer – “Children of the World”

    • OMG , Marko , Kim de Boer you favourite , you disapointed me , thanks god she was no go to the final because then go the most disney vomiting song ever lol

      • i men to the semifinal from esc

      • Hahahahahahaha Francisco! Yes, I like cheesy ballads sometimes! :D

        But this year I like The Netherlands entry! It’s my number 3 in the second semifinal and I will vote for it because Serbia is in the same semi! :D You can see my full list in the profile!

        • I have just done my review of Joan Franka’s song and she has dropped a bit on my list. On the other hand, Croatia keeps rushing up my list. That song is a real grower, at least for me. Oh my, Malta is next …

          • Thanks Togravus , i think Netherland deserve so good to be in final this year , is really not fair , also with Edsylia deserve it , please vote for Netherland this time if you like the song and the singer

            • Well, Joan is in with a chance to grab one of my 5 votes but I never decide before I have seen (and heard!) all acts live. I only hope that they won’t go over the top with that Native American thing … People won’t get it and think that it is only another gimmick …

            • That is the big risk from her , because she want to keep that look, is a personal decision , i think we must respect it , no to like the look but if we like her and the song , who care how she look , for me can come with a burka if I like |, Iike

            • Ok , that was a litle far, but i hope you understand what i mean

            • Yes, and right you are but unfortunately most people think otherwise. Btw, “Yo soy aquel” is my favourite Spanish entry ever, together with “Bandido”. :)

  5. You have Spain not so bad consideration Marko , thas is a surprise for me , because you always hate Spain whatever Spain bring , good, haha , never is late to change for better ,

    • Hahahah Francisco that’s not true, I Loved Spain in 2007 when they had Swedish composer (and HOT guys from The NASH :P :P LOL) and this year I sort of like it and they again have Swedish composer..but it’s not among my favorites!

  6. Hahahaha, the Nash , they was hot boys yes , but i think the East have more hot boys or girls (maybe they DO IT better, hehe lol) because they are always more high than Spain

  7. My top 5 in order:
    Also like Croatia, Iceland, Denmark, Cyprus, Austria, The Netherlands.

  8. 1.turkey

  9. Really difficult question. Honestly I cannot tell. The only thing I know is that I have my fingers crossed Sweden will be a fanwank and not a serious contender. I was okay with it at first, but now it just annoys me to death.
    Russia or Italy, maybe.

  10. For anyone who thinks that Tooji is a bad copy of Eric (It’s my opinion. I respect every opinion and I’m waiting respect in my opinion):

    Fistly, Tooji and his song better than Eric’s “Popular”. At least he has a voice and he doesn’t have teeth like a rabbit. :D LOL

    GOOO TOOJI!!! :)

    • Now my list is really long, Alex, only Spain to go. :)

      Btw, I have just placed Azerbaijan very high in my rankings. If Sabina makes her song soar live, I smell competition for Italy.

      • It’s POEM, Togravus! BIG POEM. His name “Toggie’s DREAMS” :D :P

        • No dream, only my humble opinion which will have next to no similarities with the results in May. I have been around for long enough to know when my favourites have a chance to do well (Italy, Turkey f.e.), to get a decent result (BiH, Israel f.e.) or are bound to fail (Albania, Croatia, Finland f. e.).

      • Joksimovic got so many awards for vocal from BY FAR more credible jury than jury we have in ESC (we even don’t know who are they) so I don’t understand how you can say he is weak live, Jelena Tomashevic WILL NEVER get that much awards for vocal| in her life! It’s really strange to say, I dislike his song, but his live performance from the NF was PERFECT! :/

        • I meant that he is not as charismatic as Jelena, at least for my taste. Of course he is a very fine singer but I always try to judge the whole package because both televoters and juries in ESC do too (otherwise the juries wouldn’t have supported Jedward last year). And since his song is not as strong as ‘Lane moje’ imo …

          I even talked about some video clips although I do not care much for those … :)

          • I don’t know how many points would that “AMAZING (NOT) jury give to Jelena Tomashevic and Hari mata hari, Zeljko Joksimovic because it was 100% televoting then…at least I know that “Lane moje” almost won televoting, and I know that our diaspora prefers Joksimovic to Tomashevic BY FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!

            • Oh, you are in a strange mood tonight. First you tried to provoke Patrick and now me. And I don’t talk about hypothetical things of the past anyway because that is all water under the bridge. Good night!

            • I;m in great mood! :) I’m glad you got the facts from me right! :) Because they really were facts, check Wikipedia if you don’t believe me! :) It says lane moje was 2nd with televoting after Wild dance in 2004, the best result from televoting for Serbia after 2007! :) GOOD NIGHT!

            • Yes, but I was only talking about my personal taste so the facts are completely irrelevant. I think that Jelena and HMH are more charismatic performers and no televoting or jury voting will change my opinion. Others are welcome to think differently but I do not understand why anyone should be worried by my opinion … I am very happy that you are in great mood. Perhaps your phrasing was a bit unfortunate. You know that we tend to have misunderstandings now and then. Not as much as a couple of years ago though. :)

            • Well..not great actually..OK mood!

            • Crap, I didn’t see yours Toggie. To you as well. I need to get to work on an assignment anyway. xD

            • No Patrick, Toggie is going, I said Good night to him! :)

              OMG Cibulova is leading 6:1, 3:0 over World number 1 Azarenka!!!! :O OMG I wonder if a world number one EVER lost to anybody like that in history!?!?

            • I realized that after I posted. LOL
              Anyway, I really should be going. I have officially managed to procrastinate for three days on this assignment that is due tomorrow. I cannot waste anymore time.

  11. Please tell me which are elements of RnB in “When the music dies”? I can’t see them at all? Tell me exactly the part (time), please… I hear blues elements only..

    • I will have to listen again. There were some slight tinges in her singing style somewhere in the middle or towards the end. I will tell you when I have listened again, and if I forget to do so, please remind me. Now I will finish my list, which is still missing the ranking by numbers.

  12. I’m so glad Maya Sar will get least points from EX Yugoslavia this year because she deserves that!

    • I assume that Bosnia and Herzegovina will get very few points, unfortunately. The only one massively voting for it will be the jury, methinks.

  13. And I’m glad Joksimovic doesn’t have so many ethnic elements this year, it’s more classic music this time from him than ethno, one step forward so I gave 6/10…easily the best Serbian entry after “Molitva”… “Oro”, “Lejla” and “Lane moje” are HORRIBLE!! I hope next year we will have different composer, I hope for foreign.. if not from Sweden, the USA or western Europe than at lest from Slovenia, this year they have our composer maybe next year we will have their..the best option would be those who composed “When the music dies” and “Running scared” because their entries are so good and they are interested to compose abroad!

    • Hi,

      Serbia reaches first place on my 2012 list. However, I just give eight out of ten points. Below I shall post my personal Joksimovic ranking.

      1st Lane moje (18.4/10)
      2nd Lejla (9/10)
      3rd This year’s song (8/10)
      4th Oro (7/10)


  14. But if Joksimovic won’t qualify maybe then RTS will pay to foreign composer! But they don’t have money for that…like Azerbaijan.. it’s not FAIR!! :( :( :(

    • If they just consider that, they better withdraw.

      • Hehehehe Hi CC, I knew if you were here you will say that, maybe they can pay to ralph Siegel, he is not that expensive these days! :D lol But price reflects to quality of song as well…they are weaker now of course..

        And don’t vote Joksimovic in semi final, because i want he to stay in semi and ten RTS to pay foreign composer next year! :D Withdrawal would also be OK for me..

        • No need to worry. I do not participate in votings with costs whose results will not be published. ;)

          Ralph Siegel is certainly better than some random American moron but NOT/NEVER EVER for my favoruite and pet country Serbia!!!!! :(

          • I have to say that’s quite clever from you! i really wonder sometimes if jury exist at all…it can easily be random points created by somebody.. :/ :)

            • Yes, the whole thing is quite dubious. Probably ‘Trolly’ became in charge and is managing all their votes. Haha.:D Okay, he is reading here so I better stop feeding.

              Btw, do you use Last.fm?

          • OMG CC, you are Scorpio, born in the middle of Scorpio period, male Scorpio persons are the best persons I know!! :D :)

  15. If you want to see some of the photos of Baku, click to my profile. :)

  16. @ Patrick

    Good luck! Bye!

  17. please enter to myeurovisiondiary.wordpress.com

  18. We have already seen that version, and for me it’s not good! I prefer real version! Singing about Euphoria like going on funeral is very odd , strange and stupid! :/

  19. I just prefer icland in local language…..why so much english song????? (it don t a prob if we understand???)

  20. I realy think that France have a good song, and the singer is a very very nice girl (beauty and generous, she help a lot is original country indonesia…) she’s a good personn and she wante the best for France….So go France

  21. Great year! :)
    My top is:
    1 Serbia
    2 Italy
    3 Sweden
    4 Iceland
    5 Spain
    6 Azerbaijan
    7 Greece
    8 Croatia
    9 Estonia
    10 The Netherlands/Norway
    The entry my country has chosen is strange (“Time”). I don’t know whether we’re going to qualify or even win…

  22. As already said by many, I also think that Sweden or Italy are most likely to win. However, Romania might be a contender as well. I mean it is (quite) modern, catchy and well performed live (in fact, I like it more than the studio version). But probably juries won’t vote for it much as it is a somewhat “cheap” song… At least it’s one of the songs that makes me feel good when i hear it ^^

  23. For me the best of this year is Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina… Why I have that opinion, It’s simple, lots of evrovision songs this year are copied for example Serbia = Coldplay, also Sweden = Rihana that things with ohohoho, it’s old think we use to hear it everywhere….

    I’d like that ppl vote for song, music…. Auguri Italia, Auguri Bosniaaaa….

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