Slovakia: Official Video Released

Slovakia – The official video for Max Jason Mai‘s song ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes‘ has been released. You can watch the video below. Max Jason Mai, also previously known as Miro Smajda, is a 23-year old singer who came second in the Czechoslovak Idol in 2009. It is one of the few rock songs in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Watch the official video here on Eurovision.tv’s YouTube channel:

7 comments on “Slovakia: Official Video Released

  1. Nice…Had he been performing in the first semi,he would have a bigger chance to qualify imo!

  2. I can’t find anything interesting in this entry. Good luck.

  3. it’s definitely a nice change from before for Slovakia… this is in the “i like” category and he’ll do well in my list considering he can sing live and delivers the strong performance the song deserves… it’s a rather strong esc year and I do have 10 songs already pretty much secure in the top 10 but anyway, good luck! it’s not impossible in that second semi of ballads that this one sneaks in, and how cool would it be to finally hear “SLOVAKIA!”

  4. Dull and irrelevant. I don’t expect Slovakia to survive a semi-final for the first time this year.

  5. It is not bad for what it is. He may have a chance if he performs sufficiently naked :-)

  6. I think he’ll struggle to qualify from the second semi final but he might stand a chance due to the blatant lack of rock entries this year.

  7. It isnt very special and original in terms of rock scene, but it might be successfull in terms of Eurosong contest songs. It is different from traditional contest appearance. Provided he was naked within his show, he might shock both jury and audience. :)

    The question is if he can sing live and if the audience is sufficiently kindly disposed towards hard rock.

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