Azerbaijan: Song Revealed is ‘When The Music Dies’

Azerbaijan – The song that will Sabina Babayeva will sing for the host country in Baku has been announced, and is called ‘When The Music Dies‘. It is composed by the Swedes Anders Bagge, Sandra Bjurman, Stefan Örn and Johan Kronlunddur. It is a slow ballad, sung in English. The video will be released on Monday.

Listen to the song here and tell us what you think.

25 comments on “Azerbaijan: Song Revealed is ‘When The Music Dies’

  1. And now it is my time to be pissed big time. I had very high hopes for Azerbaijan this year because I like Sabina’s voice very much and am in love with some of her songs in Azerbaijani language. Well, this ballad is professionally produced (no suprise because Stefan Örn and Sandra Bjurman gave us ‘Running Scared’ last year) but it could hardly be more generic. In fact, it sounds like an MF reject or leftover. I expect a top 10 result nevertheless but sincerely hope that it won’t steal too many points from the superior ballads we have this year (Maya Sar!!!). Unfortunately, Europe generally prefers the generic to the sophisticated and thus I brace myself for the worst … :(

  2. It’s a nice ballad, but there are better ballads this year and i don’t think Azerbaijan will be in top 10 again. I see them somwhere between 11th – 20th place.

  3. Kind of reminds me of Safura… Nice ballad and a good voice, but it’s a bit boring since it is, as Togravus said, too generic.

  4. I don’t think Bosnia or Albania have anything to fear, this is way too generic and will mostly battle more generic ballads (Spain…) and it leaves wild open the competition to the “best” of the upbeat entries, Sweden… Italy really let go a huge chances there :o

    This is bad, very bad…

  5. What a waste of a good voice. This is just another version of Spain 12. Azerbaijan was not brave at all. Throwing every conceivable local musical instrument into the mix does not make it sound Azerbaijani. Good luck.

  6. Once again they went for the easy/safe way. The song itself is ok though. Good luck.

  7. Decent song. Great voice, possibly the best this year. But also rather bland. Why didn’t Azerbaijan choose for a more daring song this year. Nothing to loose at all.
    BTW, I don’t hear any traditional elements or instruments. For my ears it is a typical radio friendly ballad, that could have come from any country.

    • w s, and just as I thought that i was the only one not hearing any traditional elements or instruments! ;) Thank you :)

      • maybe if you knew the sound of those instruments on their own, you’s be able to distinguish them – I can :-) Also maybe the Azeri instruments sound are not that far form the normal European ones (being mostly ancestral to the European ones) hence you guys cannot hear the difference?!

    • I dont hear a better voice than Rona’s though, but I agree on the instruments, I said so earlier, generic, that’s all

      • Neither do I. The instruments are used in a desperate attempt to sound less generic and they do exactly the opposite. I am sure that their use will be mentioned at every press event. LOL

  8. Professional studio sound but how will she sing it live. Should do very very well .A good entry

  9. Boring, I’ll go with Spain in the ballad stakes. Good song title though, quite appropriate for last years winner lol

  10. So according to some, Spain this year is generic, but Bosnia is not. Oh well.

    Apparently some (muslim) countries can do no wrong…

  11. Is clear after listen all ballads this year that Spain is far far away the best from all , Pastora without doubt best voice this year ,the mos powerfull and passion , high quality and glamour ,good chance for Spain to come back in top 5

  12. Bit boring to be honest and there are so many ballads this year, Spain & Slovenia are the best in my opinion.

  13. Such a great voice but the song leaves me cold! Her previous song in Azeri language(Kohne Mehlemiz) was 100% better than this song and could have scored even higher

    • Exactly. Her voice reminds me of Christina Aguilare (and I mean that as a compliment) and I think it is a pity she won’t sing a more jazzy, edgy song. I searched for “Kohne mehlemiz” and I agree that song is so much better. Singing in Azerbaijani (or Turkish, don’t know what language it is) gives that song that bit extra to stand out.

  14. So, I finally got a chance to listen to the Azerbaijani song. What perfect lyrics for the ice queen, so many repetitions of the word cold. I had high hopes for a second. I thought I could almost feel something in that Azerbaijani-language sneak peak, but they went for this song again. Once again, I feel nothing from her song. It’s, to quote Sabina, “cold, cold, cold.”

    Maybe her live performance will make me feel something from her, but for now, it’s an emotionless ballad sung by an emotionless singer. Her great voice is the only thing that gives this a 5/12.

  15. Again ballad from my country. But I think “When The Music Dies” for the host country is excellent. Good Luck, Sabishkaaaaaa… Ugurlar! Kissssss! :-*

  16. Really boring song from Azerbaijan this year, had they not won in 2011 theres no way this should be in the final. Still expect 12 points from Turkey yet again zzzzzz zzzzzzz zzzzzzzz

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