Bosnia-Herzegovina: Maya Sar Reveals ‘Korake ti znam’.

Bosnia-Herzegovina – Tonight saw the premier of Maya Sar’s song,’Korake ti znam‘. The show was very retro and completely in black and white, and saw Maya singing several songs including a duet with 2007 entrant Marija Šestić.  Laka from 2008 also appeared on the show. The Bosnoan song for Baku is a classic ballad. What do you think of the song?

Maya wrote, composed and sang the song herself, recorded it with the Roma Sinfonietta orchestra and it was produced by the famous Adriano Pennin. Maya is a member of Dino Merlin’s band, with whom she performed at last year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf.

Maya will perform in the second semi-final in Baku on may 24th.

33 comments on “Bosnia-Herzegovina: Maya Sar Reveals ‘Korake ti znam’.

  1. As both Toggie and Morgan have commented on the Serbia thread, her ballad is indeed quite subtle in a beautiful way. I worry that it will be too subtle for a good result in Eurovision. It took me three listenings to fully appreciate many of the things that she did to build the song. Anyway, I really enjoy it after all my listenings. I wish Maya the best of luck.

  2. It’s nice, but it’s so worn out and cliche tbh…still I like it I will give 9/10 but won’t vote for it of course..Loreen also has quite cliched dance song, but at least that performance covers up a bit, this one not…I can hear ballad like that all the time from Croatia, Serbia, B&H, nothing new..everything is already seen 100s time..jury will save it, but i don’t expect TOP 0 in final, maybe TOP 15 because diaspora always vote..from Serbia less ppl will vote because she is not known AT ALL..Nina Badric, Kaliopi and Vladimir Graic who wrote “Verjamem” for Eva Boito are very well known so televoting and jury will give them maximum points, I’m almost 100% sure, and that’s good because they have more original entries at least than Maya Sar piano CLICHE! Nina Badric – “Nebo” really grown on me and I will place it maybe higher…and her voice is BY FAR more interesting and different to Maya Sar’s voice which is so typical that it hurts! i prefer husky and different vocal! I WANT NINA BADRIC in final, she also has RnB elements in powerful ballad which is so RARE to ESC unlike piano and Balkan flute sound which is worn out as hell!
    Maya Sar stay in semi!!!! last year Armenia and Turkey stayed of those who always pass, maybe it’s time for B&H to stay!! STAY! :P

  3. Ex-Yugoslavia ranking on my list:

    1. BiH (sorry Marko) 12/12
    2. Serbia 9/12
    3. Macedonia 9/12
    4. Montenegro 8/12
    5. Croatia 8/12
    6. Slovenia 8/12

    I like all of them and want all 6 to make it to the final. Unfortunately, Montenegro is a no hoper if I know anything about predicting ESC results … :(

    • Why sorry, if you like that’s your problem! :P lol I also like it but it’s so unoriginal! And how do you rank 12/12 when you haven’t seen live singing, maybe it will fail live.. we can’t be so sure..but expect quite low result even with good singing..seriously who will vote for random piano ballad with Balkan flute, forgettable even before performance finishes, except diaspora?

      • I can only judge what I have heard and seen so far and BiH isn’t the only song I haven’t heard live yet. If Maya isn’t good live, she will drop on my list like poor Getter last year. At this stage we cannot really compare the entries anyway because some will be revamped and others will be better or worse live. For now I predict around 5th to 10th place for BiH this year.

  4. And I love when singer stands on the stage, it’s so much better and gives better atmosphere of festival than when they are sitting! That’s why I hope Ott Lapland will decide to perform like in the final of Estonian NF, it was MAGICAL!!!! When he was sitting and playing piano it wasn’t that GREAT and HUGE!! :)

  5. Very subtle, very beautiful, very well written, professional and accomplished entry delivered by a stunning voice… this is one of the wonders of the year. I find it funny that the same people who blamed Patricia Kaas to not have the “oomph” in her song say the same of this one. It’s called “not screaming you do something big when you do it”. And “Korake ti znam” works slowly but surely in your guts. Bosnia, will you ever stop surprise us? I hope not!

  6. I love the flute sound the most…This is beautiful and will be in the final I think!

  7. If she manages to beat Nina Badric and Zeljko Joksimovic it won’t be very good for Ex Yu countries in the future for ESC, because known singers and composers won’t go any more..if somebody unknown like her beat them..

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  9. I simply love ‘Korake ti znam’. It is my current nº 2. It is a timeless piece of music, performed elegantly. What’s not to love? 100% class! Is it too subtle for ESC? ESC deserves subtlety too, imo. Thanks, B&H. :)

  10. Is an ok song but i find really boring , i was expecting much more from Bosnia this year , sorry not this time in my top 10,
    My top 10
    1 Netherland
    2 Spain (far far away the best ballad )
    3 Germany
    4 Turkey
    5 Israel
    6 Denmark
    7 Portugal
    8 Cyprus
    9 France
    10 Italy

  11. BH you have come up with a great singer and song.No silly antics of dancing around in daft costumes trying to be funny. This is a good, no excellent entry and must get into the final.Finally a song for a SONG CONTEST. So many countries have over the past several years put acts in as opposed to singers and this entry is what the contest is about. Good luck to BH and possilbly be watching next year from your capital.

  12. To me the better song are-
    Italy ? would have been no1 had they not changed the song
    Awaiting with big hopes in Belgium but not getting excited with UK

  13. Sorry to the Netherlands as you have one of the best songs as well.

  14. Italy was in my top 3 now is top 10 and maybe disapear from the list in a near future for other song i go to like more,Steve Goode , what you find Netherland entry this year???

  15. haha ok Steve you was answer before i put the question ,

  16. I think the ballad is normal make special just the flaute but not bad well done Bosnia .

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  17. […] Bosnia-Herzegovina: Maya Sar Reveals ‘Korake ti znam’. (eurovisiontimes.wordpress.com) […]

  18. This is ducht year
    NL is in my top 3, would’nt be shocked should it win but have a sneaky feeling about BH

  19. Jesus how many more female ballads this year?

    And apart from Pastora Soler and -maybe- Eva Boto none is any good…

  20. Very beautiful ballad from Bosnia. I like it and i think she can sing very well live, will be for sure in the final. It’s not my top 10 at the moment as i think there are stronger songs, but it’s a grower.
    I like that Bosnia & Herzegovina keeps sending quality songs. :)

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