Slovakia: Max Jason Mai to Baku with “Don’t Close Your Eyes”

Slovakia – Ending weeks of speculation, national broadcaster RTVS today confirmed that Max Jason Mai will represent Slovakia with the song “Don’t Close Your Eyes“. Also known as  Miro Šmajda, Max Jason Mai (his real name) is well known in Slovakia as he was the runner-up of Czechoslovakian Idol in 2009. He has written the song himself and is a rock singer. Listen to his entry.

According to Eurovision.tv he describes himself as someone who “loves people with a sense of humour and the good things in life“, like music, sports, yoga, love, and nature. Talking about his music, he cites influences by a wide range of artists, like Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Alter Bridge, 30 Seconds To Mars, Dream Theater, Metallica, John Mayer, Enigma, Sade, Ennio Morricone, and even Antonin Dvorak.

Max Jason Mai wrote the music and lyrics of “Don’t Close You Eyes” himself. The song has been produced by Michael “Elvis” Baskette. Here it is:

Source – RTVS, Eurovision.tv

51 comments on “Slovakia: Max Jason Mai to Baku with “Don’t Close Your Eyes”

  1. I reckon that I’m glad Slovakia changes its style once more completely; that said, it’s not an excellent rock song, but I kinda like his vocals. I didn’t at first but now I do. Apart from that, it’s generic and typical and doesn’t seem really up to date. In esc 2012 however, it’s quite welcome and definitely an improvement from the Twiins in my books

  2. Not my cup of tea! 2011 and 2010 was better than! :(

  3. I must say, when I saw the influences I kind of got high hopes for the song, so I was a bit disappointed when I heard it, heh. Nevertheless, it’s a decent act and it’s certainly desirable to have some more rock/metal entries in ESC.

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  5. It’s not bad nor is it great. It’s part of my middling bunch.
    It’s a good change of pace nonetheless.

  6. Well, I normally love noisy stuff but unfortunately this song is just very, very weak. There is neither a concept nor any coherence here. In fact, everything is random, the melody, the rhythm, the orchestration. In a way, it is as irrelevant in its genre as Cyprus is in the shake it! department. Bad songs come in all different musical styles. Finally, I do not like his voice but that is a matter of personal taste of course. 3/12 for now.

  7. I don’t like this entry!

    I can’t believe after AMAZING 2011 they go for this random choice!!

    I just hope “Euphoria’ won’t win NOW!! I want DANNY SAUCEDO!! :P :D

    • Lisa?

      • Lisa! Or DbA of course … but they have no chance. :( Anyway, I will skip MF on Saturday and watch the fine Romanian NF and FdC instead.

        • You are not interested in our NF on Saturday?

          @ Alex

          Of course Lisa, but if she can’t win, that is so clear I want Danny Saucedo, because Loreen and her stupid choreography is getting slowly on my nerves more and more :P and her beat is from 90s, I sometimes like that beat, but in that song it’s kinda ugly and repetitive!

          • That annoying 90s beat has been my main objection to Loreen’s song from day 1. And no, I am not particularly interested in MF this year … One year, I like the Swedish NF and the next year, I like the Romanian one. :)

            One more week to go and then we will get M-Fireball back. :)

            • I’m will watch MF and Romanian NF. :) And me so interesting Zeljko’s song.

            • I ask you for our NF on Saturday, not MF I’m still from Serbia! LOL Not from Sweden unfortunately! :(

              My aunt and her friend will watch final because I told the, otherwise they wouldn’t lol i told them to vote Lisa Miskovsky, first I told them to vote “Mirakel” but they refused :P :D lol

              I also don’t like moves on the stage for her song no, they don’t match songs at all IMO and looks kinda ugly for me! I love GREAT choreographies where dancers really dance together like Danny Saucedo and David Lindgren, they have GREAT choreographies they worked on them for days!

            • I thought that you had internally migrated to Sweden. ;) :) No, I won’t watch the song presentation in Serbia live because I can check the song later.

            • I think Zeljko’s song will be great (for me). And Serbia will be in my Top 10. Btw, good luck to Serbia! ;)

            • Good Night to everyone!

              And congratulations alllll womens for the 8 March ;)

            • Alex you so sweet and nice! :) Good night!

  8. Now seriously David Lindgren’s choreography is to good for ESC!

    I don’t like to say smth s too good for ESC because Toggie is always “angry” after that :P , but this time i simply have to say so..his choreography has the most current movements in the world for one choreography!

    And when he is dancing on the floor that is really AMAZING, I just don’t understand how he can sing properly live after that! :O

  9. If he looses NF, and he will, It will be pity to not send such dancers to the contest! If you ask me Gaitana should have work with these dancers and make choreography for her entry – “Be my guest”! :D :)

  10. This does little for me, but there are worse contraptions on offer. It’s my current nº 24. Good luck! :)

    P.S.: the name change is ludicrous.

  11. But in this article there is a wrong info…his real name is Miroslav Smajda and stage name is Max Jason Mai..

  12. Tooji is favorite to win for now, everywhere…so Sweden will make a mistake not sending Danny Saucedo because Dany Saucedo will be HOT favorite to win!

    • Is he now? The more I listen to that song, the less I can stand it. It’s so poor in every respect. As for MF, well, I’ll be watching FdC; even I weren’t, the Swedish lineup is very poor. I am also rooting for Lisa. She looks stunning in that picture, btw. :)

      • Yeah Shevek, she does! :) Thanks!

        I will watch MF, our NF is not interesting for me and Portuguese NF we don’t know songs, If I knew songs maybe i will decide for it, but I heard they will put all fado songs in NF, I don’t like only one genre of songs in NF!

        • MF will probably be over before FdC starts. :) I plan to watch Romania and Portugal on Saturday. I hope that there won’t be any surprise visitors. Well, I might keep everything dark in the house and not open the door in case someone rings the bell …

          Lisa Miskovsky FTW!!! (And no, I do not mean you, Marko … I really mean it after checking Lisa and DbA again.)

  13. The first few seconds sound great but then he starts screaming -_-

  14. @ Shevek

    Tooji is a favorite on escstast among other places as well! You remember escstats?..that was quite successful poll in previous years!

    • I’d rather see Danny winning than Loreen although I don’t like both songs :) Tooji can make a top 10 but I can’t see him as a contender! I am also planning to watch Romanian and Portuguese finals…I can check Serbian masterpiece later and there is nothing exciting about MF this year! :)

    • I haven’t been there yet.

      • I will vote after all songs will be chosen, but I have visited it several times..

        I don’t like Tooji’s song very much, only dancing a bit..but song is lame…and especially with oriental sound! :/

  15. I rank it with a 7/12 and straight into my “Like it” category.Intro and musical bridge are exceptional !

  16. OMG Portuguese rehearsals are all THE SAME!!! :/

    They even have the same performance, one man/woman standing in the center and 2 men playing guitars! :/ It really looks like weak NF…and vocals are not very strong at all…sound amateurish..

    The one I liked the most was Palmela Salvado – “Fica a saudade”..BUT.. I’m afraid it will be a bad year for Portugal.. I can’t believe they have NF with 10 songs and different songwriters and all are ballads! :S

  17. OMG finally smth different – Carlos Costa – “Queres que eu dance”! But it sounds horrible! :(

    Filipa Sousa – “Vida minha” sounds the best and can maybe qualify for the final… I hope i will like more with good quality sound..

    And I could guess that only decent song will be penned by Andrej Babic! LOL

  18. I read some comments from Portuguese fans on esctoday and some of them are really strange and rude..they are so arrogant and attack all ppl who don’t like their entries and they speak all the time how Portugal send their sound every year and they are proud of it! And they forget one thing! In ESC Portuguese televoting always give the highest points to cheesy ballads in English, schlagers and young boys with pop songs! Portugues audience is not better than any othger audience…even worse if we speak about that..because they never give points to songs in other native language except Spanish, they never vote for Serbia who also send every year traditional sound in native language, but they vote for Germany, Sweden and Norway with cheesy entries! So they better shut up! :/ :@ Portuguese audience would send songs like “Popular” but RTP never give them opportunity to compete in their TBH. not so strong and awesome NFs…Portuguese NFs are not full with very quality singers and known names from their traditional music, they are full of amateurs and newcomers and mabny of them can’t sing, sometimes even happens that songs are too good for them and they can’t follow the quality of the song properly because they are amateurs, that happened in FdC many times..I’m sorry, but that is reality..I’m just honest!

    • Marko, I am listening to the songs for the first time. I am very tired. I haven’t read the Portuguese article on the other site. I spend less and less time there nowadays. Have no doubt that our televoters are as silly as any other country’s. Portugal 07 (a fine example of música pimba, if ever there was one) was chosen by them. We do love our language and sending a song in English won’t happen in the near future. It’s true that there have been many amteur singers. However, since 2007 things have changed. The productions standards are much higher now.

      P.S.: I voted for Serbia in the past more than once. :)

      • You are exception not only for that you are exception for everything possible..and I have never seen a Portuguese person with better English than yours, if somebody doesn’t know where you are from and If I didn’t learn your real name accidentally, he/me will think you are from the UK! :D
        You are phenomenal, you are awesome and you are too sophisticated for this contest IMO! :D

        You are SIMPLY AMAZING!!! :D :-***

        Good night!

  19. I love the slovakian entry hope see then in the final http://xat.com/EUROVISIONPLACE?p=4 :)

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