Russia: Buranovskiye Babushki are Baku Bound

Russia – The Buranovskiye Grannies are on their way to Baku! Buranovskiye Babushki beat off competition from 24 other acts in tonight’s national final, including hot favourites Dima Bilan & Julia Volkova. The grandmothers from the small village of Buranova will sing ‘Party For Everyone‘ in Baku in May. They perform in the second half of semi-final 1 on May 22nd.

The Grannies had previously entered the Eurovision contest and shot to fame in 2010. They earned a standing ovation tonight for their performance and won over the jury as well as the public. They are originally from the Udmurt Republic, from the village of Buranovo. The band performs most of their entries in their Udmurt language. The lyrics of the winning song were written by the grannies themselves.

Watch their winning performance here:

111 thoughts on “Russia: Buranovskiye Babushki are Baku Bound

  1. Unfortunately we are talikng about a gimmick more than a song.Straight to my bottom 2 along with Georgia.At least , I don’t detest it.I can recognise the “cute grannies” factor !
    Good luck Russia.You can see my profile for my complete top 30 !

    • It is good that there is a place where we still can have a profile. Btw, we do not agree as much as last year … Austria in 8th place? They have dropped to last place and 0/12 (which I very rarely give but the lyrics are a clear case of – 2 …) on my list …

  2. here are my top points given to certain countries:

    12 pts: Albania, Italy
    10 pts: Israel
    8 pts: Finland, Netherlands
    7pts: Denmark, Bulgaria, Turkey, Germany
    6 pts: Spain, Macedonia, Iceland

    the rest is not very important as they will receive less pts from me :)

          • I am so angry at Estonia they could have been a 12 pointer with Tenfold Rabbit, grrr!!! and for Icelandic entry it didnt give me goosebump like Finland..Turkish one is saved for me with Turkish lute intro (Turkey should use this instrument much more imo) and of course Can Bonomo himself, the english part is too much pirate fun

            • I am angry with Estonia too because both Tenfold Rabbit and Lenna would have been 12/12 on my list but “Kuula” is a very fine ballad nevertheless imo. Can is in 1st place on my male looks list for now. :)

            • re Can the same here:) last year I had Glenn (Malta) now him..,maybe I should Kuula one more chance.. I will check it out later today

            • I’m gonna vote Gaitana, Ott Lepland and Sofi Marinova in the 2nd semi for sure! And maybe Joan Franka if she will have AMAZING performance… I love Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia too, but they will have enough points from Serbia in the 2nd semi! I MUST vote Sofi Marinova, I WANT Bulgaria in the final FINALLY!!!! I hope to vote Sweden as well, but for Loreen I won’t for sure!

  3. I won’t be able to watch anything tomorrow, now I heard that I will have tennis tomorrow instead of Sunday, so I won’t watch, neither MF, nor our NF on telly! :( Maybe I will catch FdC, because it is later!

  4. The grannies from Russia seems to be a phenomen in all Europe !! Even Canal Plus a french channel, which never speak about Eurovision, show the grannies singing on the daily news !

    • Oh no sorry but this song is so cheap … so low-end for me and i prefer Viky Red to win for giving one more great pop entry in this year contest … because too much of “dance” songs year and year will kill the contest … Mandinga on a club ok, but for a “song” contest … pffff …

        • And it’s funny to hear smth like that from you who are from France and your country this year sends one VERY BORING ad average, mediocre entry, which that singer tries to sell with attending all NFs and singing playback, and making cheap videos with almost naked men in it! WOW if that is better than Mandinga and other dance songs then NO COMMENT! :/

          • No reason to attack people because of their nationality, Marko. That has nothing to do with the songs … He is Swiss btw … :) “Svimm against se strim” … :)

            • I don’t attack him…and please don’t “defend” him from me…he wasn’t polite to me as well and tells me “pfff” and so I don’t care for him..and will replay to him..please…

            • I did not defend anyone and he didn’t attack you. He simply said that he thought that the song was cheap and even said “sorry” as an introduction to his reply. Let’s keep things fair and objective here please.

            • I don’t want to argue at all with you!! But if you want I can continue to defend myself all the time, no problem ;) If he wants to replay to me let him do it! I’m calm now and normal nothing can provoke me…if he’s your new friend I don’t care, I won’t replay to you about that topic, but I have right to answer him like I think is proper…

            • Of course you have every right to answer (and post songs too of course) and you know that I don’t want to fight. But we all get carried away once in a while and I think that it is nice if our friends tell us so. “That’s What Friends Are For” ♫♪♫ … And “new friend”??? Gosh, I only met this guy tonight. You are my virtual friend, Shevek is and Morgan and Roselil and Oxi and Paschalis and Patrick and a few others. :)

            • oooh – and I am not…? :)
              just kidding…

              btw. I have a musical hint/tip/pointer – what’s the correct English expression for “ich habe einen Tipp”? – for you; I found a great album – “Bretonne” from Nolwenn Leroy… thought you maybe could enjoy this style…

          • Like Togravus said, i’m from Switzerland and not from France … And after that i just wanted to debate about romanian songs ! But it seems that you don’t like debate and you don’t like when someone have a different opinion … Well i’m leaving in a democatric country and in my country we have the rights to have different opinions ! ;))

            And if i understand well only people from the country that you love the entry can do a comment or tell their opinion ?? It’s a little bit narrow-minded !

            But sorry i prefer to see some naked men on a videoclip that some bitches with big tits …

            • Gosh! What’s wrong with you guys tonight? “Well i’m leaving [sic!] in a democatric country and in my country we have the rights to have different opinions !” ??? Gosh, Marko is the last person in this world who wouldn’t voice his opinion whatever the consequences …

              Peace please!

            • You see Toggie who you are defending NOW!?? Sorry Toggie but I’m very angry at you now and don’t talk to me any more! :(

              @ ayrtonch

              I don’t care for your comments and insults towards any country, nor where you are from you can write whatever you won’t, I will just laugh and stay calm on any bullshit you say! ;)

              “But sorry i prefer to see some naked men on a videoclip that some bitches with big tits …”

              And this just proves what and who you are and what are you searching in music contest!! HA HA HA

              How do you know my sexuality and what i prefer or like?? :/ You are so stupid and narrow minded not me and my country…


            • Sorry, but I will talk to whomever I feel like talking to and since I care for you, I will of course talk to you. :) Btw, I have just defended YOU in the last sentence of my previous comment … perhaps you read my comment in a rush, I dunno … :(

            • Ok i’m sorry … it was a little bit provocative but i was joking, don’t take all the things i said on first degree ! I konw nothing about you and maybe it would be nice to know more of you maybe it will help me to more undertand you, your opinion and you music taste next time !

              You’re not angry anymore ? you don’t ? ;) Pleaseeeeeee !!!! :)

            • No I’m not!! I’m just tired now!

              @ Toggie, I was writing that comment and I didn’t read yours because you wrote in almost the same time…yes now really peace.. :)

              Good night ppl!

  5. Pff I have listened to the Dima&Yulia duet and I’m so so soooo sorry for Russia. Come on people, those 2 were really good, much better than the ladies. I don’t want to upset anybody, but I sincerely think that they had much better songs on offer…I haven’t heard anything other but Dima&Yulia were better so I am really sorry because we won’t hear this unexpectedly good duet in Baku.

    Still, good luck Russia, even though I’m sure you won’t need it. After all, Russia qualifies all the time, no matter what, because of the voting….

  6. Off topic: My ranking to MF:
    1. Danny Saucedo-Amazing :)
    2. Loreen-Euphoria :)
    3. Molly Sanden-Why Am I Crying :)
    4. David Lindgren-Shout It Out :)
    5. Dead By April-Mystery :)
    6. Bjorn Ranelid & Sara Li-Mirakel :(
    7. Ulrik Munther-Soldiers :(
    8. Lisa Miskovsky-Why Start A Fire :( (sooorry Marko)
    9. Top Cats-Baby Doll :(
    10. Thorston Flinck & Revolutionsorkestern-Jag Meser Mig Igen :P
    Good luck to aaaaaaall finalists! ;)

  7. I think FdC will be boring. And I will watch to MF and Romanian NF, and maybe song presentation of Serbia. :)

  8. Off topic: My Ranking to FdC:
    1. Pedro Macedo-Outono Em Forma De Gente :)
    2. Joana Leite-O Amor E Maior Que A Vida :(
    3. Vania Osorio-O Mundo Passa :(
    4. Ricardo Soler-Gratia Plena :(
    5. Rui Andrade-Amor A Preto E Branco :(
    6. Filipa Sousa-Vida Minha :(
    7. Pamela Salvado-Fica A Saudade :(
    8. Carlos Costa-Queres Que Eu Dance :(
    9. Armenio Pimento-Um Poema Na Bagagem :(
    10. Gerson Santos-Redescobrir Portugal :P
    11. Cumplice’s-Sera O Que Sera :P
    12. To Martins-Amanha Comeca O Meu Futuro :P

    Overall, really boring songs. :( But I think result will better from 2011. Good Luck, Portugal! ;)

  9. I realized after watching their performance several times that they are too different to everything competed in ESC ever so I will have to give them higher mark definitely, they are so unique, way too unique to have 2/10! :)

  10. Sorry this is late, but I had to make sure it was Yulia (and not Lena) who infamously said in 2003 (about Lou, the still under forty at the time German singer):

    “In Russia we look after the blind and the elderly but we don’t send them to Eurovision, that seems to be the case in Germany!”

    What irony as Russia sends the the oldest performers ever to Eurovision (and karma, too, considering that she and Dima Bilan finished second to them)!

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