Ukraine: Gaitana Subjected to Racism

UkraineUkraine – The Ukraine’s representatitve, Gaitana, has sadly been subjected to racist comments by far-right in her country. According to the Global Spin blog which can be found here, Yuriy Syrotyuk, a high-ranking member of the right-wing ultranationalist Svoboda (Freedom) Party made the comments to the Kyiv Post. He said Gaitana, who has a Congolese father, “ is not an organic representative of the Ukrainian culture.”

17 comments on “Ukraine: Gaitana Subjected to Racism

  1. It’s very rude and bad! :( I wish that is not true!

    Go Gaitana in Baku! :)

  2. I used to dislike Gaitana’s song, but now, i’ve seen what class of country she is representing, Gaitana: SHOW THEM THAT YOU ARE BETTER (; YOU HAVE MY SUPPORT IN EVERYTHING!

  3. I don’t understand. Why Congolese cannot represent Ukraine? Congolese are aliens, monsters or?

  4. And tomorrow they will have to welcome ppl from other countries and especially football players who will come to participate in European championships and we know how good black players are…it’s not World CS, but in European teams also play some black players, especially France..they better use her as a great promotion for CS and her song is already for that!

  5. bah, disgusting…
    and Belarus’ President said “rather dictator than gay” about the German foreign minister…

  6. I wonder what Geert Wilders will say when he finds out that Joan Franka is half Turkish.

  7. Why is eveybody obsessed with parents’ nationalities of contestants?! Eurovision is not a folk song contest, and Gaitana is a Ukrainian citizen, she has a great song and can represent our country on high level. So go away, Svoboda and other haters!

  8. He says she does not represent Ukrainian culture –> But Ani Lorak or Mika Newton did? Yeah, of course…

  9. Put a cork in it and do something useful like planting potatoes in a remote are of Patagonia, Mr. Syrotyuk! Your views do not represent Ukrainian culture I’m sure.

  10. I didn’t think that such things can happen in Ukraine((( very sad about it. Gaitana is really deserved representative.

  11. As if it’s the first time a black artist participates in Eurovision… I don’t think Stella Mwangi last year was really an “organic representative” of Norway, lol.

  12. #NonEurovisionrelated but the most productive thing you can do today is to watch this video, I’m doing my part to spread the word of #MakeKONYfamous http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4MnpzG5Sqc PLEASE SHARE!

  13. top 5:

    1. Greece
    2. Turkey
    3. Ireland
    4. Romania
    5. Sweden

  14. people you didnt understand what he ment…noone in ukraine hates her becouse of her skin,we find her beautiful,talented but gaitana was saying that she hates ukraine so why she go on eurovision from ukraine? but that guy ment that she just dont show our ukranian culture.We love people from every country,and we respect them,but gaitana dont show our nation.Its not becouse of her skin,its becouse she doesnt love ukraine and we all can feel that in her music. Ruslana won becouse in some way she showed that she love her country and her culture. im sure that any of you would like singer who call country where he/she live sh*t.

  15. wouldnt* im sorry that was typo :)

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