Italy: Nina Zilli Wins Ticket to Baku

Italy – After a 5 hour show at the San Remo Festival yesterday, Nina Zilli was announced as Italy’s representative for Eurovision 2012. You can watch her here, singing ‘Per Sempre‘, but this may not be the song she finally sings in Baku. That has yet to be decided. Nina  originally cam to notice in the same festival two years ago as a ‘newcomer’. She spent some her childhood in Ireland and has also lived in America for two years.

Her first album ‘Sempre lontano‘ which was released in February 20120 went platinum in Italy. Her second album ‘L’amore è femmina’ was released this week.

15 comments on “Italy: Nina Zilli Wins Ticket to Baku

  1. She’s very ugly! :P

    • She may be many things, but ugly is definitely not one of them. She has her very own sense of style and an excellent voice to go along with it. She will not need fancy stage presentations and fireworks to sell her song.

  2. She should keep “Per Sempre” ! No need to get anxious trying to find another entry in less than a month. Besides can she find something equally good or even better? 9/12 and my #2 currently! Italy delivers once more !
    PS: She is deffinetely NOT ugly ! :P

  3. She has a great voice, a classy song and is a very beautiful lady imo. :)

  4. I hope she doesn’t change entry!

  5. 1)ALBANIA :10/12
    2)ITALY : 9/12
    3)ICELAND : 8/12
    4)DENMARK : 8/12 ( Minus )
    5)NORWAY : 7/12
    6)GERMANY : 7/12
    7)CROATIA : 7/12
    8)CYPRUS : 6/12
    9)FRANCE : 6/12
    10)BELARUS : 6/12 ( Minus )
    11)LATVIA : 6/12 ( Minus )
    12)HUNGARY : 5/12
    13)SWITZERLAND : 5/12 ( Minus )
    14)UKRAINE :4/12
    15)MALTA :3/12
    16)GEORGIA : 0/12

  6. Nice Song Italy Good Luck from United Kingdom

  7. One thing is for sure: Italy will get another 12 points from Albania ;)

  8. This one is not my cup of tea, i wouldn’t put it on my playlist, but i can tell that it’s a good song, a classy one. It will take pts from the jury for sure. :)

  9. Last night, everyone was hyped about San Remo and I looked like a fool not watching it. So I will try to explain my complicated self. To be fair, San Remo is a great festival, that really is high standard and coule be very well up the level of some Eesti Laul right now. But it’s not a national final. There is no way we know how the chosen one gets the eurovision ticket. The overall outcome is totally independant. Because of that, i do not watch and wait til the song INTERNALLY CHOSEN gets picked to watch it, and then the other San Remo candidates. Else I feel a bit off knowing one song won but something else gets picked. When Belarus does it, we all scream it’s unfair. It’s not unfair in Italy because San Remo is NOT a NF and I do not watch it as such.

    As for the song, it’s so not eurovisiony, it’s so well put together, she’s such an amazing singer and performer (and imo she’s quite beautiful)… too bad the song’s not, i dunno, doing it for me… I keep listening to it thinking “such a great song because of this because of that” but by the end, i’m never drawn into it. Still a quite certain top 10er by the end of the year, currently standing 3rd in the category where only Albania and Iceland are so far (waiting for possibly entries by Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Israel, Estonia… and more we never know!)

  10. I love this song and seriously hope she sings it in Baku as it would more than likely do very well for Italy again this year. She’s great.

  11. Shirley Bassey meets Amy Winehouse on a James Bond Set?!!!!!

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