Ukraine: Gaitana for Baku

Ukraine – The national final has just ended in Kiev and Gaitana has been chosen as the representative for Eurovision 2012 with “Be My Guest“. 21 acts fought it out, with voting split 50-50 between public and jury. Public voting was by SMS, with only one vote per phone. Anggun, France’s representative and SinPlus, Switzerland’s, both performed on the show.
Prior to the singing, Renata was well in the lead with SMS votes, but Gaitana eventually became the winner.

Here’s the winning entry:

Source – Eurovision.tv

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207 comments on “Ukraine: Gaitana for Baku

  1. Giani Morandi said ESC!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What did I tell you they will announce after Ell & Nikki! xD

  3. Ooops I was wrong, they actually announced representative! :D

  4. WOW, it is really Nina Zilli. Now I have 3 songs I love. Good night everyone. *rushing to the bathroom*

  5. It’s Nina. Albania and Iceland are not alone anymore. There are 3 very good songs on offer. :)

  6. Congratulations, Emma. :) Good night.

  7. Another 10/10 for me and YEEEEEES I like the same as Shevek and Toggie, that’s more important!!! :D :) :)

    I only hope she will have better haircut in Baku!

    It’s oldfashioned song and I’m afraid for results, but I LOVE it!!!

  8. Hmm, Nina Zilli… Good Night! :) ;)

  9. oh, sweet Emma is crying – how touching…
    well, I will listen to Nina Zilli again and then I’ll call it a night…
    good night, guys… was nice staying up till now with you…

  10. Tonight’s been a mixed night. For my personal taste, it’s been a good night in Italy and Croatia. Latvia’s is okay, and Ukraine is below-average but above atrocious.

  11. Emma would win in Baku easily so maybe it’s better she doesn’t go! :) lol

    Good night!! FINALLY! :D And Good morning Alex! xD

  12. Anggun said she wanted a big show, but I think Gaitana could take home the biggest show award :D

    From tonight’s show, the Swiss song with fixed pronunciation and he even makes faces to make sure he says things correctly :p Go Sinplus! :)

  13. my list for ESC till now:

    1. Italy 10/10
    2. Latvia 10/10
    3. Ukraine 10/10
    4. Germany 10/10
    5. Croatia 10/10
    6. Denmark 9/10
    7. Norway 7/10
    8. France 6,5/10
    9. Hungary 6/10
    10. Belarus 6/10
    11. Cyprus 6/10
    12. Iceland 3,5/10
    13. Switzerland 3,5/10
    14. Malta 1/10
    15. Albania 0/10

    my list for MF (Globen) till now:

    1. Björn Ranelid feat. Sara Li 10/10
    2. David Lindgren 10/10
    3. Urlik Munther 9,5/10
    4. Molly Sanden 9,5/10
    5. Loreen 9-/10
    6. Dead by April 8,5/10

  14. OK now I saw Anmary’s performance from final, it was completely different and now I’m sure she is making a joke of ESC, particularly overtop choreographies, dress changes etc…but I still LOVE it, and she was singing better live than in semifinal, she sang very good actually!

  15. 1. Albania
    2. Italy
    3. Iceland
    4. Denmark
    5. Croatia
    6. Hungary
    7. Germany
    8. France
    9. Latvia
    10. Switzerland
    11. Norway
    12. Belarus
    13. Cyprus
    14. Malta
    15. Ukraine

  16. Last year Armenia and Turkey stayed in semis, and now I think they want to show that all countries can stay in semis, this year examples will be Georgia (all songs in NF are bad) and Ukraine..but I really hope not Ukraine because Gaitana is THE BEST! :( It’s better Greece to stay in semis once!

  17. boy, Georgia is horrible… Industrial City or Rema would have been halfway decent at least, but this is just – I don’t know – awful is just too nice to describe it…

  18. OMG ! Anri Jokhadze – I’m A Jocker is the winner in Georgia ! What a bad song …no Final for Georgia in Baku.

  19. Georgia is quite lame!

    But I LOVE Rambo Amadeus’s snippet! :D :D :D

  20. I do like this, however it is a bit of an uncanny soundalike of David Guetta & Kelly Rowland’s “When Love Takes Over”.

  21. I finally got to watch the full NF, I did not like it, a lot of below average songs, but not that many horrors, the top 2 were among the worst of the night though, incredibly bad results. Here was my ranking of the NF:

    09 Masha Sazonova & Tihon Lyevchenko – I close to you
    14 Andrey Bogomolets – Are you waiting for me
    18 Nerealnye – Just a dream
    17 Treeorange – New day
    05 Edward Romanyuta – I’ll never let go
    07 Igor Titarenko – You’re my life
    19 Juliana Rudakova – Ti ne odin
    12 Oksana Nesterenko – Mondo blu
    15 Bondarchuk – I don’t know why
    10 Marta – My heart is sorrowing

    01 Olga Shanis – Dream
    04 Olya Polyakova – Lepestok
    16 Renata – Love in sunlight rays
    13 Rapira – Get over
    20 Marietta – Rainbow
    11 Gaytana – Be my guest
    03 Max Barskih – Dance
    21 Lena Voloshina – Let it out
    08 Mihaylo Hrytskan – Ya tak iskal tebya
    06 Lëhkyy Flyrt – Mega Mix
    02 Vitaly Halay – I want to love

  22. Gaitana is great!!! She’s very positive energy, she is so shiny… I really like her!!! Go Ukraine;)

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