Spain: Four Songs Online

Spain –  The four songs which Spain must decide between are now online via TVE and  Pastora Soler’s YouTube. Despite previous comments that they would range from mid tempo to ballads, the majority seem to be ballads. Two songs have already been chosen for the national final. These are “Quédate Conmigo” and “Tu Vida Es Tu Vida“. Listen to them now.

Spanish visitors to RTVE’s website can then vote between the other two songs: “Ahora O Nunca” or “Me Despido De Ti“.

Which one do you think Pastora should sing in Baku?

source – RTVE

47 comments on “Spain: Four Songs Online

  1. My favorite are “Quedate conmigo” and “Me despido de ti”, other two are boring!

    So I hope online voting will choose “Me despido de ti”..

  2. “Quedate conmigo” is definitely the right one for this festival, it’s BIG ballad, has backing vocalists and the end is good..

  3. All 4 are decent songs but there isn’t anything outstanding either imo. “Ahora o nunca” 8/12 – “Me despido de ti” and “Quédate conmigo” 7/12 – “Tu vida es tu vida” 6/12. In general I prefer Pastora’s flamenco influenced stuff by a mile but I can understand that she probably thought that such a song would only have brought another bottom of the list result for Spain. Anyway, Pastora is a fantastic live performer and thus I expect her song (whichever she chooses) to get a higher score on my list once I have seen and heard it performed live. No surprise that “Quédate conmigo” is the fan favourite. It is a G:sson composition in similar style to Coral Segovia’s “En una vida”. However, in contrast to poor Coral I expect Pastora to deliver Anabel Conde 1995 quality when it comes to quality screaming performed live. Buena suerte! Might be that we will see Spain returning to the top 10 this year. :)

  4. Quétade conmigo… Madrid 2013…anyone?

  5. Best selection of songs by far i think Spain will be contenders this year Madrid 2013 ?

  6. Nothing here to suggest Spain will have a good result this year, but I wasn’t expecting much to begin with.

    They are all nice songs, but nice won’t win many votes.

  7. from france , i hope that “quedate conmigo” will be chosen.really emotional and beautiful song.i think you can score high and may be win.my favourite song so far .

  8. “Tu vida es tu vida” was the one that stood out for me.Actually I liked it a lot !

  9. @ Shevek

    Why you rank songs from establishd San Remo category on esctoday? I’m confused, is anybody from that group be in ESC or not? Last year was from newcomers section?! :/

    • Why not , Marko? I listened to them and they are very good and so is that great stage, btw. Emma’s shade of green is not among my favourites, but she wears it well.

      • It’s OK to rank them…but I thought maybe you know from somewhere that from that group will be representative in ESC because you rank them like in other NFs, that’s it!

        I don’t rank them because they won’t go to ESC UNFORTUNATELY!!! :( :( :( I want from that group to go to ESC! :(

  10. Shevek: diversity ends when you start to ban.
    You’re wrong, sorry.
    Im from Spain and I think that the final choice will be between “Quédate conmigo” and “Tu vida es tu vida”. “Tu vida es tu vida” is the most “spanish” song but “Que me quiten lo bailao” was spanish too and the result was dreadful. Spain needs a change and that change is a ballad: “Quédate conmigo” (Stay with me).

    • Hi, Ruben. I see your point. However, total deregulation of the financial markets led to our gloomy present abd I fear that something similar will happen to our favourite show. In other words, countries will end up singing a variation of the same song. There is also the fact the gentleman in question has sent mediocre songs to several NFs in the past. ESC is not about authors per se, but about what each participating country brings to the table, representing the local music scene. I also think that there should be a set of strict criteria designed to select jurors who would encourage this attitude. Things are not black and white.

  11. Pierdavide Carone e Lucio Dalla, Emma Marrone, Loredana Berte, NOEMI are AWESOME from this year San Remo! I haven’t heard all yet..

  12. well, there’s no kick-ass-song among them, but none of them is really bad… high level…

    Ahora O Nunca is on first impression my favourite…

    • You see, now we agree again. :)

      • it was about time, wasn’t it?
        I began to feel solitary… :)

        • Don’t worry, every ESC fan is a bit of an oddball after all, investing so much time in order to listen the 20sth Albanian songs or going through hundreds of Swiss online songs … ;) :)
          I am listening to the San Remo songs (established artists category) atm. Fantastic quality! I have already found 2 12/12 songs and only one has a score lower than 8/12. 4 more to go and then the newcomers. :)

          • So you also rank them? Will one of them compete in ESC or not? :/

            • That doesn’t matter to me. I am a virgo and consequently rank everything … preferrably in excel. LOL And San Remo is a festival in its own right, so why not rank the songs?
              And the Giovani (Per Sanremo Social) competition is even better. I have given 8/12 to “È vero”, 9/12 to “La mail che non ti ho scritto”, 12/12 to “Guasto” and 10/12 to the other 3. :)

            • How can I know if you have or don’t have an information from which group will go to ESC?
              So i ask you.. :/

              I LOVE San Remo, but I seriously can’t understand they way of choosing song! It looks really messy and rude to decide like that for ESC, randomly and without any information! :S It SUCKS!

              Established is so much better to me!

            • At least they say that there won’t be any transparency in choosing their ESC song in advance, and so we all know that the Italian entry will simply be announced independently of the San Remo results. I guess that all newcomers but Alessandro (and if I remember correctly, he cannot be chosen because he is too young for ESC) would end up in the top 5 of my ESC 2012 list. “Carlo” is sooooo cute btw, and I love the orchestration but my favourite is still “Guasto”. Lalala … what a great day! :)

  13. Good voice but very heavy ballads all the songs. Not the winner…

  14. Nooooo one more disappointment!!!

    Now from ukraine, marx berkish shite entry s in NF and he will probably win that shitty NF!

    But it must be Gaitana!

  15. All songs from Georgian NF are HORRIBLE and AMATEURISH! And they received 15 and choose 12 for final! :( ESC is becoming a joke seriously!

    This year is BLOODY AWFUL!

  16. Maya Sar is a bit more promising now, though, because she will use San Remo arranger!

  17. Usually like Spain and I was one of few who really liked 2012 and loved the fact that France and Portugal gave 12 points. Good luck Spain, would love to see Madrid 2013 from United Kingdom.

  18. Meant to say – really liked ‘2011’ ;-)

  19. I agree Richard im from United Kingdom and i would like to see Madrid 2013 and i also really liked Spain 2011 too ask for shevek saying for foreign composers should be banned well i think EBU wants to banned outher countries for singing in our language (English) its the same thing make the rules like Junior Eurovision

  20. Songs is beautiful, because Spanish is beautiful. But I think no chance to the win :(

    My favourite:
    Te Vida Es Tu Vida

  21. On first listen I thought ‘Quedate Conmigo’ stood out from the others instantly, and that’s the one Pastora herself seems to favour looking at her twitter. I think it’d have a good chance in Baku too.

  22. I love “quedate conmigo”.it’s a strong ballad .very nice voice.the good one for eurovision.
    first , she sings in spanish , second it changes with the other dance songs.good luck spain.if this song is chosen , i will vote for you for sure.

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