Azerbaijan: Sabina Babayeva Wins in Baku

Azerbaijan – Tonight’s lengthy final in the Heydar Aliyev Palace saw Sabina Babayeva (or Səbinə Babayeva) chosen as the host city’s representative for Eurovision 2012. The three hour programme saw Sabina win out over Elton İbrahimov, Arzu İsmayilova, Fəqan Səfərov and Orxan Kərimli. The song that she will song in Baku in May has yet to be chosen at a later date.

The final also saw performances from Turkey’s Can Bonomo, and Maltese representative Kurt Calleja who showed off the Azeri words he had learnt. Nikki and Ell, last year’s winners, were of course in attendance. Nikki sang a solo song, and they finished off the programme singing “Running Scared” with all the finalists.

The contestants have had to sing world hits, eurovision songs and songs in the Azeri language in the heat stages. Tonight the five finalists sang covers in both Azeri and English. The show was broadcast in Azerbaijan, Malta, Turkey and Georgia. The final song has not yet been chosen and will be premiered early to mid-March. Sabinamissed out last year in being Azerbaijan’s representative.

Here’s the winner, Sabina, performing in the competition earlier:

Source: Eurovision.az, Ictimai TV

23 comments on “Azerbaijan: Sabina Babayeva Wins in Baku

  1. Good Luck Sabishka! ;)

  2. I hope that song will be great…

  3. Horrible singer…now only song can save it! Just find good composer from abroad and give her smth modern and competitive in 2012 like you did in previous years and save your entry! Good luck!

  4. Uğurlar! :D

  5. Thank you Azerbaijan. Sabina is great singer.

  6. The persons which envy:
    Azerbaijan the Best :p

  7. Good luck! I am waiting for the song now and will give my opinion once we know Azerbaijan’s whole package.


  9. Hahahaha her englishteacher must be so proud of her!

  10. I noticed several spammers in this place in last few days…or one person writing behind several names..I’m still not sure, but i hope situation will be better soon, because this place was really nice and peaceful…
    Gunesh replaced her song for Belarussian NF, her new song was written by Azeri team! LOL Azerbaijan never send their composers and Belarus will maybe send Azeri composer! LOOL IRONY! :D

  11. Azerbaijan should have chosen Elli – Elvira Michieva internally! She has great RnB songs with rapper!

    I’m really tired of all those Rona Nishlius in ESC, I want rap, hip hop and RnB entries…

  12. Sabina’s choice of “Hold On Be Strong” was the perfect choice for her style of singing. It’s pitch-perfect, but it’s soulless. I hope I’ll see some emotion from her at ESC.

    • Have you heard new Gunesh’s song which she will perform in Belarussian NF instead of “The morning will come”

      It’s written by Azeri! LOL! :D

      • It’s a lot better than the boring and forgettable “Morning Will Come”. This might keep her from being the bottom of my Belorussian list. It’s still not Victoria Aleshko, but if she can perform well live, it’ll be better than Alena & Uzari for sure. She might even be able to beat out Litesound in my rankings.

    • I just listened to her Whitney Houston song from the final. Once again, vocally perfect (or pretty close), but I still felt no soul. Her rendition of Moltiva had the same issue.
      The songs she’s imitating are good because they make people feel them, which Sabina fails to do with all her performances I have seen thus far. I hope that with a song composed for her she will be able to put soul into it, but she’s been an ice queen up to now. I’m not optimistic.

  13. This is the true that internal selections will be prohibited in 2013? :(

  14. Sabina is great singer. I hope that her song will be excellent. (It’s opinion not political)

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