Lithuania: Second Semi-final Tonight

Lithuania – Nine acts battle it out for only 3 places in the final in Lithuania tonight. The second semi-final takes place at 20.00 CET and can be viewed online on the LTV website here. The pre-recorded performances have already been scored by the jury and now it is up to the public to vote to decide who goes to the national final.
The Lithuanian super final will take place on 3rd March, consisting of the top 3 acts, with a jury deciding the winner. The jury has already scored all nine performances. Tonight’s Semi-finalists and the points they have scored from the jury so far are:

Alive Way – “Amazed by You” –  41 points
Vytautas Matuzas – “Take it back” – 40 points
Diana Jasilionyte – “Dear Someone” – 36 points
Katazina – “Euforija” – 34 points
Jurijus Veklenko – “Tu ne viena” – 34 points
Sati – “Light is the One” – 33 points
Sweetsalt – “My Love” – 30 points
Martynas Beinaris – “Bella Donna” – 26 points
Laura J and Stiga – “Fading in the Mist” – 25 points

Do you like the songs that are in the lead so far? Watch them here:

Source: LTV, ESCToday

23 comments on “Lithuania: Second Semi-final Tonight

  1. I love Sati – “Light is the One”, but jury again ruins everything in this NF! :@

  2. I am glad that there is an article on the Lithuanian NF, because there are very good songs on offer. Lithuania has joined Iceland, Estonia and Finland as the providers of the best NFs of the season so far. Good luck. :)

  3. Jurijus Veklenko – “Tu ne viena” is also very nice…I hope televoting will somehow change these jurry’s dreadful choices…sometimes that happens…Jury is shite!

  4. Beissoul – “Why” will win 100%, 200 000 ppl watched it on YT!

    I liked it, and live singing was good, but image and look of that singer scares me to death! :( :/

    • If it does, Marko, Lithuania 12 will be joining Albania 12 on my list.

      • But his image is terrible…he should change it…backing vocalists had good outfits though..
        And it has political lyrics, so i gave 7,5/10..we don’t need those pathetic songs criticizing Government in ESC…in these hard times..so lyrics suck a bit…the best thing in that entry is singing live, but it’s not everything in live singing..

        • I see your point, Marko. However, I pay little attention to the lyrics because I do not understand all of them. Melody, orchestration, live performance and stage presentation are more important when it comes to ESC.

  5. Btw record height of snow in Podgorica, in history – 53 cm!

  6. Sati is the best… Good Luck Lithuania ;)

  7. If I am home, I will be watching the Lithuanian NF. It was easily the strongest show last week.

    I noticed the Beissoul had political lyrics, but I still enjoy the song highly, and I’m almost positive it will win. Top on the jury and top on televote by a landslide.

  8. Since 2009 exactly Lithuania has had amazing NF (the 2009 one is still their best imo) and because they usually chose poorly and then do badly in esc, people totally neglect their NF… some of the first show lives are still not published in youtube, while all of Norway is available ! I will be tuning in both Lithuania and Sweden tonight.

  9. Unfortunately, the Lithuanian webcast isn’t really performing well for me, so I haven’t seen half the acts tonight. Such a shame…

  10. a third “Euphoria” this season, and a third good song! It’s been the title of the year lol

    Alive Way were the best tonight, but I also enjoyed Katazina & Laura J and Stiga and hope the two qualifiers will be among them!

    • It looks like Katazina, Alive Way, and Vytautas Matuzas.
      I’d be surprised if Diana could catch up with them, although if she manages to pass Alive Way in the televote, she could possibly beat Katazina.

      • yeah, these three have been above the competition from start to finish in the polls. decent results once more from lithuania… but I’m assuming Donny is once more the favorite to beat

  11. Good choices in Lithuania. :) I’ve heard Monika Linkyté’s song this morning and I love it. She is a class act. I hope she qualifies as well.

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  13. […] Lithuania: Second Semi-final Tonight (eurovisiontimes.wordpress.com) DiggShare on TumblrLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  14. […] Lithuania: Second Semi-final Tonight (eurovisiontimes.wordpress.com) […]

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