Albania: Suus Stays in Albanian

  Albania – As it the tradition with Albanian entries, Suus by Rona Nishliu will be released in a remastered and improved version in the coming weeks. Nishliu flew to Los Angeles last week to record the new version of her Eurovision entry “Suus”. It has been reported that the song, as opposed to other Albanian entries will stay in its Albanian original. However, a new, more dramatic orchestration was recorded and African drums added to the song. The long scream note is apparently edited out of the new version. We will know more once the new version is released.


33 comments on “Albania: Suus Stays in Albanian

  1. So Albania is not interested in joining the finals again this year. Good!

  2. Delighted !!! Best Albanian entry EVER that will provide the highest Albanian ranking in ESC.Good luck neighbours !

  3. Never doubted it. Amazing news, and I still think she can qualify to the final and do well. So far, the song that owns 2012 but much more to come (Bosnia, Serbia, Estonia, Turkey…)

  4. Fantastic news! Among all the silly shake it! and so-called radio friendly (read: mediocre and not worth full attention) stuff chosen so far “Suus” stands out as a lone example of true art in ESC 2012.

  5. african drums + dramatic orchestra. Hopefully they blend well. I’m excited already! Goodluck Albania!

  6. Gaitana from Ukarine or Loreen from Sweden will win this year! Probably Loreen..

    This can be in whatever language in the world, it doesn’t have chance! THANKFULLY!


  7. “However, a new, more dramatic orchestration was recorded and African drums added to the song. The long scream note is apparently edited out of the new version. We will know more once the new version is released.”

    Hmmm..I’m not sure if they voted in FiK for that, this is not fair and good to make such dramatic changes..but on the other hand I hope those changes will make this song suck even more so the chances it stays in semi will be higher.. :)

    • I know that Albanians and Serbians hate each other but…GET OVER IT!!

      • LOLOLOLOLOL it’s not about that at all, it’s about ugliness of this entry and I hate it so much from wherever it comes…I also hate all Serbian entries and you will see me when Zeljko Joksimovic announce his entry…so you GET OVER IT! :P

  8. sounds interesting… and it’s a good choice to leave it in Albanian… this language gives it a lot of its mysterious, lugubrious charme… Olta Boka was right to leave her song in the national language and so is Rona Nishliu…

  9. Most promising news; well done Shqipëria!

  10. Great news. I do love this entry but bearing in mind the song must be cut to 3 minutes and it’s really from 3 minues in that the song really kicks in (imo) I wonder will this really be as big as hoped by many (Marko you maybe right!)

  11. I await to hear the new version with interest and only hope it continues to be as good.

  12. Albania has a way of making the songs even better with their remastering. At the same time, I will always fear when they mess with art. I believe that it will be the best, and I hope that it will turn out the best, but I don’t want my hopes to be dashed.

    “The long scream note is apparently edited out of the new version.”
    Is this supposed to be the “cry” in “let me cry” or the high-pitched section?

    • I believe its the high pitched part of it. I’ll predict the remastered song will be the first verse, chorus, maybe repeat of chorus, shorter part of the instrumental and then final part.

      • That’s about what I believed it would be as well. I just wanted to be sure.
        I highly enjoyed the high-pitched section of the piece, but I knew it would likely be the first to be cut.
        Even with my fears, I still await the final version with excitement. Albania currently has no competition in my top bracket of songs.

  13. Wise choice, Albania. I am very much looking forward to listening to the revamped version.

  14. Good choice! I have a feeling it will be even better. Nice kick into the bastard’s ‘jury’ ass. ;)

  15. If african drums and all the other changes have been made then this is not the song that won the albanian national final.The EBU should look in to this. The same thing happened in UK in 1994 when ESC came the arrangements were completely different from the version I had voted for in the 94 uk national final and had the final version been in the national final I don’t think I would have voted for it.

  16. Unrelated news:
    Aurela Gace (Albania 2011) has released a video for her new song “Tranzit”.

    View it here:

  17. Albania my favourite country in ESC. But this year… So BAAAAAAAAAAD

  18. Great Voice. But song horrible. Good Luck Albania ;)

  19. “M-fireball” a desperate Serb that still lives in the era of criminal serbian state of milosevic, get over urself, hi from peace-loving Kosovo :)

    • Don’t speak shit, I criticize all entries from Serbia till now and all HORRIBLE songs like this one no matter from where they are! They can be from Albania, Serbia, India, the USA, Macedonia…

  20. Come on ,it is a song .the onely thing thet we don t need is to insult each other.i m Albanian but i liked very much the song Molitva that woon the contest it was from Serbia.i hope very much that suus will be in top 10 at least.

    • I love 2007 Albania Aida & Frederik Ndoci very much! I like it more than “Molitva”, I just hate “Suus” and that’s it, I’d like if Xhensila Myrtezaj won FiK this year, then i will LOVE Albanian entry! And I didn’t insult..

  21. I love more traditional songs ,but what can we do- we can t decide who will represent our states.I am from Medvegja in Serbia.there you can see serbs and albanians together as good neighbors,there is economic problem and not ethnic problems.our life is short and maybe we will not live so long live too see but in the future after the problems will finish our kids will want too live onely free and in peace.. justice is the key. i hope that suus will be beeter and with a richer tekst,but agen i like traditional songs that describe the who are they,,

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