Malta: Semi-Final Tonight

Malta – The Maltese semi-final will be held tonight. 16 of the 22 artists will proceed to the national final which will be held tomorrow. You can watch the show here. See our readers favorites in our Maltese national final poll! Here are the contestants:

01. – Danica Muscat – Seven days
02. – J. Anvil – You are my life
03. – Isabelle Zammit – Walk on water
04. – Francesca Borg – Take me far
05. – Klinsmann Coleiro – No way back
06. – Richard Edwards – Look at me now
07. – Annalise Ellul – Whoop it up
08. – Kurt Calleja – This is the night
09. – Romina Mamo – DNA
10. – Nadine Bartolo – Can’t get away
11. – Lawrence Gray – In your eyes
12. – Kaya – First time
13. – Claudia Faniello – Pure
14. – Jessica Muscat – Dance romance
15. – Wayne Micallef – Time
16. – Dorothy Bezzina – Autobiography
17. – Gianni Zammit – Petals on a rose
18. – Fabrizio Faniello – I will fight for you (Papa’s Song)
19. – Janice Magnion – While her eyes still glow
20. – Eleanor Cassar – I want to run away
21. – Corazon – Mystifying eyes
22. – Deborah C feat. Leila James – You make me go uh uh
23. – Anna Azzopardi – Still waiting
24. – Amber – Answer with your eyes

37 comments on “Malta: Semi-Final Tonight

  1. The webcast sucks and thus there is no chance to evaluate the live performances. :(

  2. It’s total chaos here…some buses are covered with snow (northern Montenegro) and they still can’t rescue ppl, :( In Serbia and B&H is AWFUL as well, in some places there is 4m of snow! It’s snowing in Belgrade for more than 48 hours NON STOP! :O

  3. Is it over? I thought the results would be out by now.

  4. There are some guys speaking Italian on now. I suppose they are waiting for the results.

  5. ‘Time’ is in. I am stil waiting for ‘No way back’.

  6. Out of the ones I liked, I only miss Anna in the final. Poor thing … :(

  7. I am afraid that Malta’s NF will not be Faniello free, Togravus.

  8. Do you know the qualifiers ?

  9. I am very happy that Annalise is out. We already have one silly shake it! song in this year’s line-up for ESC and that is more than enough imho. Wayne, Klinsmann or Corazon to Baku! I guess that it will be Claudia though, and she would be an ok choice too in my book.

  10. Please tell me Deborah C feat. Leila are in?

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