Slovakia: Thomas Puskailer to Eurovision?

  Slovakia – According to the Slovak newspaper Nový Cas, RTVs, the Slovak national broadcaster, was negotiating with two artists concerning the Eurovision participation in 2012. Months ago, Miro Šmajda was confirmed as the representative of Slovakia, but soon after the singer denied that he had been chosen. Apparently, he did not agree to the terms of the contract and is thus no longer an option for the management of the channel.

Now, the favorite to go to Baku is Thomas Puskailer , a former participant in the local version of  Pop Idol in 2009. His first maxi single with the tracks “Sitting on a Cloud,” “By Your Side” and “Life is Good”, was released in December last year. The site eurocontest.cz contacted the singer’s manager, who confirmed the negotiation indirectly saying: “Who will represent Slovakia in Eurovision  will finally be revealed at the end of January.” The second option would be Barbora Balúchovú, who is also a former Idol competitor.

Here is one of Puskailer’s hits:

Source= janelaesc.com with eurocontest-cz

15 comments on “Slovakia: Thomas Puskailer to Eurovision?

  1. i think he would be a good choice for Slovakia.. Good luck…

  2. I like/love the song that’s posted in the article. It’s absolutely wonderful, and a song like that is better than all but Albania (yes, Rona set a high standard for me this season). I’m curious about his live voice though. I’ll have to look him up to see what he sounds like in that category.

    • Sitting On A Cloud live

      • Live in Slovak :)

        That’s his youtube channel so you can hear more of him.

        I like Sitting On A Cloud :)

        • Thanks, Luis. I agree. Sitting On a Cloud is an amazing song.
          The acoustics weren’t the best in that place though, were they? xD
          Oh well, I got what I wanted out of that video. I have an idea of what he sounds like live.

          • IF he did get picked I’m guessing it’ll either be a shortened (wonder how that will sound) version of Sitting On A Cloud or a song from his upcoming album. I hope Slovakia does what Hungary did last year and revealed the singer and song at the same time :)

  3. It be a fantastic choice for Slovakia

  4. Song posted here sounds interesting indeed ! Way better than everything chosen so far ( except from Albania and maybe Denmark ).Good luck Slovakia.May 2012 welcome you to the Final !

  5. Loved Slovakia in the 90s since then I thought 2009 and 2010 were not that great, but had qualities of their own and deserved better than their ultimate results… 2011 was horrible, so I hope to see Slovakia back on track

  6. Could be OK choice for me, but of course not as AWESOME as last year! :(

    Is Puskailer his real surname? It doesn’t sound Slovakian, it’s sounds more Hungarian to me..

  7. Linked video sounds okay to me. However, if this is his style the esc entry could become a little generic. My favourite Slovakian entries participated in 1993, 1998 and 2009.

  8. I would like to hear something like 2010, but well sung…

  9. i really liked is intreting song visit us and join us http://xat.com/eurovisionplace

  10. Well i was waiting once again for mista !! and her hit never hide barbara is nice choose too but this song i think will not be the entry for esc 202 in the case to send thomas http://xat.com/eurovisionplace

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