Poland: TVP Not to Broadcast Eurovision

  Poland – Eurovision fans in Poland have to cope with more bad news after Poland’s withdrawal from the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. TVP has revealed in their newsletter, that neither the semi-finals nor the Eurovision final will be broadcast in Poland this year. Polish fans have the option to watch the shows via the eurovision.tv webcast or on neighboring countries’ broadcasters.


11 comments on “Poland: TVP Not to Broadcast Eurovision

  1. :S

    Will they become the second Czech TV? I hope not…

    • It seems so.. I mean broadcasting a show they don’t produce or have anything to do with would take some pressure off wouldn’t it…

      • yes, and i think it’s an EBU rule to participate, you have to have broadcasted it, no?

        anyway it just shows that the football excuse was just that, an excuse; they just don’t give a damn about eurovision anymore… it’s just sad that sending shits and not getting resutls made them think that people disliked them or anything… no guys, Andorra and San Marino are unfairly voted out, you just sent shits… now come back with a better attitude and you’ll see

        • The rules do state that if a country does not broadcast Eurovision, it may not participate the following year.

          Russia famously shot itself in the foot when (in a fit of pique) they didn’t broadcast the 1998 show after getting relegated due to Alla Pugacheva’s placing in 1997. Thus, they had to sit out the 1999 contest, as well (I would have liked to seen their reaction when they found out about that). Anyway, the next year, they (as the lyrics state) “came back strong” with what I still consider their best entry to date.

  2. Do anyone one thin that TVP are loosing intrest in Eurovision ?

  3. Sad news indeed for the ESC fans in Poland. ERT f.e. did broadcast the contest live in 1999 and 2000 even though Greece did not participate those particular two years.

  4. This is not cool TVP :P

  5. if the audience rating is low, i don’t know why Polish Broadcaster should play the show. anyways, the show will be available for free streaming online.

  6. I think Poland is the new Italy.

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