Norway: Plumbo The Hot Favourites in Melodi Grand Prix

  Norway – Is it the publicity due to their racist comments or the quality of their song that make Plumbo and their song “Ola Nordmann” the run-away favorites to win the Norwegian national final “Melodi Grand Prix”? It probably is a combination of both. Last Sunday Plumbo had said Madcon reminded them of “Moccamen”, which created a media frenzy and a discussion about their disqualification from MGP. Today’s betting odds from UniBet and viewing figures of the song on YouTube indicate that “Ola Nordmann” is a well-liked and much listened to song in Norway.

At UniBet, Plumbo lead with a ration of 2,5 followed by Malin’s “Crush” with 10. On YouTube the videos featuring the song are by far the most watched of the Norwegian hopefuls.

Here you can listen to the song “Ola Nordmann”:

23 comments on “Norway: Plumbo The Hot Favourites in Melodi Grand Prix

  1. “On YouTube the videos featuring the song are by far the most watched of the Norwegian hopefuls.”

    I first noticed that! : You should mention my name in article! :P :D

  2. It’s a very good entry. I haven’t heard all the norwegian hopefuls but this and Tooji’s Stay is my favourite till now.

  3. That’s what I call perfect timing. I have just finished listening to the Norwegian songs and here is the thread to post my opinion without going off topic. Thanks, Manuel! :)
    The good news is that there are only two really bad songs imo … and the bad news is that there is a lot of boring and generic stuff (more benevolent people would probably say ‘radio friendly’) too.
    Anyway, there are 2 songs in semi 3 I really love: “Sammen” and “Euphoria”. Others I like include “Little Bobbi”, “Don’t Touch the Flame” and “I’ve Got You”. The 2nd semi is terribly weak and way below normal MGP standards imo. “Ola Normann” sounds like a pleasant sleeping pill to me (6/12).

  4. Does anyone think that high on love I’d the best????

  5. My favourites:

    Marthe Valle – Si
    Minnie Oh – You and I
    Plumbo – Ola Nordmann
    Lisa Stokke – With Love

  6. I always said it was more of a bad joke than of a racist comment but after all, it created that extra buzz that could pull a surprising victory in MGP (and it’s far from being the worst in MGP 2012 and it’s in Norwegian, which I think would be a first since 2006 that a song in Norwegian wins MGP)… on the other hand, this is the weakest MGP line up since 2007 and it has a lot of mainstream europop, and it’s weaker europop than in Denmark too… Here I quote what I posted on the previous Norwegian thread:

    “actually all songs were released and I got to listen to them all (thanks luludrops for the link)… oh my god, this is a terribly weak bunch of songs… after Denmark, another country that got completely corrupted by bad MF… and I feel ironically MF will be better this year with more alternative songs… I will single out only the few ones I managed to listen til the end:

    04 Rudi Myntevik – “You break it, you own it” (that one is a contemporary nice song, harmless and sweet)

    18 Marthe Valle – “Si” (it works by being pop without being schlager, entertaining, in norwegian, spot on)

    20 Yaseen & Julie Maria – “Sammen” (I’m surprised it goes from rap to gospel, it’s fun but you hear they’re not awesome singers)

    22 Silya Nymoen – “Euphoria” (probably the most accomplished song of them all, very contemporary pop and with a big live, this could do it)”

  7. Reidun Sæther – “High On Love” has grown on me A LOT! It reminds me of AMAZING, AWESOME, FANTASTIC Agnes from Sweden! :-*****

  8. Norwegian seeking their roots with Plumbo after last years Haba haba’s failure maybe or whatsoever.. I didnt listen to all the songs, I will when I get time

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