Ireland: Jedward Talk Eurovision in Austria

  Ireland – The hyperactive twins from Ireland, Jedward, have been telling Austrian-based HitRadio how they hope to go to Baku as Ireland’s representatives again this year. The interview was filmed when the brothers were visiting the radio station this week whilst on their European tour. The quiff-haired pair said that they’d heard Austria was picking its contender and they were excited to see who Austria would choose.

They also wished all of the Austrian competitors good luck, and confirmed that they had recorded their Eurovision 2012 song last week.

You can watch the full interview here:

6 comments on “Ireland: Jedward Talk Eurovision in Austria

  1. blahblahblah…..bored of Jedward……so bored

  2. Well done John and Edward for putting in the effort to build up support around Europe, this can only be good for Irelands chances of winning the competition if they get through Eurosong.

  3. Jedward did well last year in what was quite a weak year for ESC. There seem to be some really strong singers/countries this year so I have a feeling that IF they do represent Ireland again they will struggle.

  4. I think that ireland need to get someone that is a true artist and not a celebrity to represent us. Jedward had their time at eurovision ilast year and i feel that it is fair to let some up and coming artist a chance to shine and perhaps win for ireland. There are so many talented singer songwriters that need a break Hopefully jedward as entertaining as they are will give way to let some one else get a chance to shine.

  5. Jedward, a big fat ZERO for you :-)

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