Sweden: Eric Saade and Molly Sandén Break Up

Sweden – The dream couple of Swedish schlager no longer exists. The Swedish Eurovision entrant of 2011, Eric Saade, and Melodifestivalen competitor Molly Sandén have broken up. Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet reports that Eric Saade has changed his facebook status to “Single”. The two singers have not celebrated Christmas or the New Year together. Just months ago they had bought a flat in Stockholm and had gotten alias’ to protect their private life from their fans.

Molly will thus not have the emotional support for her Melodifestivalen this year that she gave Eric last year. The couple had been together for three years. Particular reasons for their break-up were not revealed, but Eric’s ambitions to start an international career may have been a strain.

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28 comments on “Sweden: Eric Saade and Molly Sandén Break Up

  1. I think I will love her MF entry in 2012!

  2. very interesting news!!!!

  3. I thought he was gay :)

    • I wonder why :p

      • That performance was…
        Maybe it was an PR-alibi kind of thing

        • well I dunno… it’s true that a few guys noticed the way the leather, the all men performance, but it never striked me as particularly gay or anything and Eric as far as I know was always dating Molly so it never crossed my mind more than that

          he is definitely a good looking guy, sure I like him, but that’s not enough for me to jump to conclusions… I mean nowadays a lot of straight guys play the gay performance to attract…

          • There are scholars suggesting that gay body aesthetics (clothes, haircuts etc.) started colonising straight masculanity in the 90s. It all began with straight guys wearing earrings. Nobody knew who was what anymore … Well, gender trouble … and a good thing it is. :)

            • yeah! in France, there’s this group called Indochine who sang a song titled “3è sexe” where they say that with girls wearing pants and boys wearing earrings, it’s really all down to not knowing who’s who anymore… I don’t care either, I just don’t think that the gender bender has to include sexuality… Eric could appear as to both genders without being gay imo

            • I gave a lecture on this issue more than 10 years ago. It was called ‘Let’s talk about sex or read my hips’ and dealt with the panic among certain segments of the US-American gay community who thought that collective identity would be lost without visible identity markers. It was basically a queer vs gay discussion using American drama and philosophical stuff (Judith Butler, Lee Edelman etc.) and I was pretty acid because I have never understood the urge for collective identity, be it national, religious, sexual or whatever. I guess that I am too much of an individualist or oddball …

            • well the “community” theory is at the core of the american identity… having lived there as a teen it was really striking to me, especially as a Frenchman, since here such theories never really worked… I’m a specialist of the XVIIIth century, so the idea of individualism is more important to me than of the “community” or at least I know it better lol

              I find it strange than a literary specialist would lecture on anything else but literature though; something impossible in french university

            • Yes, I know, at French universities literature is still literature only (which I found strange when I studied in Nantes … LOL). Here in Germany, it has all become Cultural Studies which I hate because my main interest has always been aesthetics. That is the reason I mainly focussed on poetry, elegies in particular. One day, when I was preparing a course, my prof came to my room and suggested to include breast cancer and AIDS poetry into my lovely course (Virgil, Milton, the Puritans etc.) She later told me that I had looked at her as if I had seen the devil himself …

            • i would have looked at her just the same… literature is about aesthetics! there’s sociology, psychology, history for all other sort of subjects which are interesting but not about literary objects

          • Yeah sure… The one part where the hand comes from behind and tickels him on the n**** is a bit … oh well ^^

  4. I hope Erica Mou “Nella vasca da bagno del tempo” will represent Italy! I heard all San Remo entries, Giovani section and she is the best for me!

    I’d like if real participants go to ESC from San Remo, not Giovani section winner, but that will never happen! :(

  5. I think Bidiel will be cute for Morgan! :P :D

  6. A good look guy avavlible he is cirtenley the hottiest guy in eurovision history i woant mind dateing him

  7. @ Toggie

    That was me who gave you a BIG thumb up for the previous comment!! ;D :D :D :D ;-***

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  9. Is that true?He is Single? I am new fan…..

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