Italy: San Remo Candidates Revealed

Italy – As far as we know, we can expect Italy’s RAI to participate in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest again. The most probable scenario for the national selection is that one of the participants of the popular San Remo Festival will be chosen by a special jury again. Last year Raphael Gualazzi was selected and eventually came second in the Eurovision Song Contest. Today the participants of this year’s San Remo have been revealed. It is quite possible that one of them will be the Italian entry in 2012:

The Established Category:

  • Pierdavide Carone feat. Lucio Dalla – Nanì
  • Irene Fornaciari – Il mio grande mistero
  • Emma Marrone –  Non è l’inferno
  • Matia Bazar – Sei tu
  • Noemi – Sono solo parole
  • Francesco Renga – La tua bellezza
  • Arisa – La notte
  • Nina Zilli – Per sempre
  • Samuele Bersani – Un pallone
  • Dolcenera – Ci vediamo a casa
  • Chiara Civello – Al posto del mondo
  • Gigi d’Alessio & Loredana Berté – Respirare
  • Eugenio Finardi – E tu lo chiami Dio
  • Marlene Kuntz – Canzone per un figlio

The Newcomers Category:

Especially the newcomers category has been criticized immediately after the announcement. The famous Italian TV personality Enzo Iacchetti has sent a letter to the organizers, severely criticizing the decision and saying that they are “ignorant to the music of today”.  The “Giovanni” candidates had been chosen out of submissions via facebook. There had been an internet voting, but in the end a jury decided upon the qualifiers.

Source= Rai, Life after Helsinki

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6 comments on “Italy: San Remo Candidates Revealed

  1. I hope Erica Mou “Nella vasca da bagno del tempo” will represent Italy! I heard all San Remo entries, Giovani section and she is the best for me!

    I’d like if real participants go to ESC from San Remo, not Giovani section winner, but that will never happen! :(

  2. Erica Mou or Marco Guazzone the winner.Emma Marrone for the big!

  3. ..But i think after Gualazzi …..Guazzone…because Erica Mou and Raphael Gualazzi are even major!

  4. Today I listened many times Tolvai Renata’s song from Hungarian NF!! :D SHE MUST WIN AND GO TO BAKU! Should I change my name to Tolvai Renata FTW!? xD :P

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