Latvia: The Second Semi-Final of Eirodziesma

  Latvia – Tonight the second semi-final of the Latvian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 will be held at the LTV studios in Riga. The show will see 10 artists compete for 5 places in the national final. The lucky qualifiers will be chosen by a 50/50 mixture of jury and televoting.The show starts at 20:20 CET. .

These are the competitors:

  1. Niks Dukurs & NBC – Sweet for me 
  2. Valters Gleske & Liba Ece – Better world 
  3. Group ‘The 4’ – Get it started
  4. Anmary – Beautiful song
  5. Paul Swan – Wanna be with you 
  6. Roberts Petersons – She’s a queen
  7. Samanta Tina – For father 
  8. Elizabete Zagorska – You are a star
  9. Group ‘Mad Show Boys’ – Music thief 
  10. Group ‘Trianas Parks’ – Stars are my family

The Songs: You can listen to the songs in our YouTube Playlist!

The Webcast: LTV provides an official webcast! The show starts at 20:20 CET.

26 comments on “Latvia: The Second Semi-Final of Eirodziesma

  1. My favorite is number 4! I hope I will catch that performance…

  2. The problem here is that I don’t even have a small favourite… They’re all pretty bad IMO

  3. My favourite here is ‘Stars are my family’.

  4. Marko, Beautiful Song is up next. I know you want to see it, so if you aren’t watching now would be the time.

  5. I’m IN!! Thanks Patrick! ;)

    • Didn’t want you to miss it. Glad to help.

      Personally, I like it better live than I did recorded, but it’s still not a favorite of mine. I’m not sure how I’d rank it in the end. Tentatively, I’ll give it a 7/12.

  6. heheheheh great performance! Paris, Rome and Moscow! LOL :D

  7. Song 5:
    Small comment before I get to the song: He’s wearing his hair like I do when I don’t want to wash it when I shower.
    Anyway, the song is utterly average. There’s not even any fun crazy in it. His pronunciation is weak, and his voice is average. That’s a shame to because the piano opening had me kinda interested.

  8. Song 6:
    Oh dear… Talk about performance/song dissonance. The song isn’t half bad, but it’s nothing like they’re presenting it. They’re presenting it like it’s a hard rock song, jumping around on stage, etc. However, the song is really more like pop-rock, and Russia 2007’s “Song No. 1” was closer to hard rock than this was.

  9. Song 7:
    The Eurovision English in this one is extremely apparent. Besides the Eurovision English, this song is in every way a better version of her duet in the first semi-final. I suspect this will make the final.

  10. Song 8:
    I have no idea how I feel about this. The song is a bit on the cheap side, and that backing track is kind of annoying. Her voice is interesting, a bit whiny, but I can’t decide if I hate it or kinda like it. The fire drumming was interesting though, and I did want to watch it for the full three minutes. Right now, I think I have it at my 4th place for the night.

  11. this is a disaster, a nightmare, horrible performances, bad vocals and very lame songs

    only song 6 “she’s a queen” was good, with a nice performance and a very hot looking boy; except for its lame lyrics, it’s got the best composition by far

  12. I turned again on song number 9 and it was typical Latvian in ESC—joke! Monster from Finland inside piano LOL :D

    Anmary FTW!!

  13. Song 9:
    It was hilarious, and I believe that the song is clever. Unfortunately, the guy isn’t an amazing singer, and it sounded like his voice cracked a couple of times throughout the song. It’s be a clever joke entry, but it wouldn’t do any good.
    The performance was a riot though. I have no idea if it was intentional or not, but the thing with the piano at the end seemed exactly like a parody of Russia 2006.

  14. Number 10 is funny performance and costumes again! :D

  15. the biggest problem here is that ALL performances are camp, lame, cheap and very gimmick

    Latvia is one country that has NOT moved on from the 00s esc and still think they need to do a Marie N. to win esc but it’s very lame and old fashioned nowadays and ends up killing all performances… it’s not creativity anymore, just an escalade of horror!

    PeR is a thousand lightyears above all competition in Latvia

  16. hahahha it’s so funny when she stands right in front of that wind machine! Wind machines should be hidden! xD :D

  17. Song 10:
    Easily the best of the night. Extremely odd performance though, but I could tolerate it. Overall, I have to say that semi-final 1 was stronger, and there are going to be some songs that shouldn’t have qualified that qualify tonight.

  18. 1. Group ‘Trianas Parks’ – Stars Are My Family
    2. Niks Dukurs & NBC – Sweet for Me
    3. Anmary – Beautiful Song
    4. Elizabete Zagorska – You Are a Star
    5. Group ‘Mad Show Boys’ – Music Thief
    6. Samanta Tina – For Father
    7. Valters Gleske & Liba Ece – Better World
    8. Roberts Petersons – She’s a Queen
    9. Paul Swan – Wanna Be With You
    10. Group ‘The 4′ – Get It Started

  19. The qualifiers:
    1. Elizabete Zagorska
    2. Anmary
    3. Roberts Petersons
    4. Trianas Parks
    5. Mad Show Boys

  20. Bravo Anmary!! :-*** Go to Baku!

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