EBU: List of Participants To Be Released Next Week

EBU – The Event Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, Sietse Bakker, told an Armenian news website, that the European Broadcasting Union will release the official list of participating countries for 2012 next week. Usually the list is released earlier. Possible explanations for the delay may be the unsure participation of Armenia, who is in a “cold war” with this year’s host Azerbaijan. It may also have to do with efforts of the EBU to convince Polish national broadcaster TVP to stay in the contest after all.

Well next week all our questions will be answered.

26 thoughts on “EBU: List of Participants To Be Released Next Week

  1. I don’t wanna sound naive or romantic, but I really anticipate for the year that every single member of the EBU will take part in the ESC. Good luck to Azerbaijan on hosting this year’s event. have a great weekend everyone :)

    • And a third semi-final on Sunday ^^ … I think that would be like a Golden Age, cause that would mean peace between Israel and the Arabic countries and enough financial resources everywhere!

    • The last time all the already-participating countries participated was in 1966. The other times it has happened were in 1956-1957, 1960-1963, and 1965.

      I hope so too.

  2. And tonight three semis:


    I MUST see Anmary – “Beautiful song” performing at number 4 in Latvia, and then I will see what next to watch..to continue Latvia or move to Bulgaria! :D

  3. I will mostly watch latvia so that I can see all songs performed, and won’t “have to” watch the final later on ; iceland is a “must” watch, with that amazing group of songs, can’t wait to hear Regina Osk’s one either!

    • I just looked it up : Bulgaria starts at 7:30 ; Latvia at 8:20 ; Iceland at 9:30 CET so I can watch most live shows (I have two computers, so I can start on Bulgaria, then Bulgaria-Latvia, then Latvia-Iceland) : yay!

  4. so Armenia..hurry up! It’s actually my favourite Caucasus country in the contest.
    And I hope Luxembourg, Morocco and Monaco take Italy as an example and participate again.
    Especially Morocco would be interesting and I think the Moroccan points would be very neutral

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