Turkey: Eurovision Candidate To Be Announced Today!

  Turkey – There is no country whose national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest has produced as many rumors as Turkey. Tonight the endless rumors will come to an end (for this season at least) when TRT will announce the Turkish representative for Baku in the evening news at 19:00 local time (18:00 CET). Recently local media had reported that Atiye Deniz would be the Turkish entrant with a chance of 80%. Other names rumored include Hande Yener, Şebnem Ferah.

Will the rumors have been right, or will be surprised (again)? Come back tonight to find out!


9 comments on “Turkey: Eurovision Candidate To Be Announced Today!

  1. Come on, it becomes boring! :S

  2. Well, well the Turkish like a bit of good drama … Can’t wait for the artist to be announced, but then the most important thing is still the song.

  3. I would like if Hanne Sorvaag writes entry for Turkey in 2012!:D :)

  4. TRT surprised everybody again. Can Bonomo is Turkish representative.

  5. Can Bonomo beter not be the enterant becuase even if they send them they’ll qualify to final and it will be a crap entry that will waste a position in the final like last year with both greece and moldova

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