Latvia: First Semi-Final of Eirodziesma 2012

  Latvia – Tonight the first semi-final of the Latvian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 will be held at the LTV studios in Riga. The show will see 10 artists compete for 5 places in the national final. The lucky qualifiers will be chosen by a 50/50 mixture of jury and televoting.The show starts at 20:20 CET.

Here are the competitors:

  1. Atis Ievins – Dancer (Music and lyrics – Arturs Mangulis)
  2. Nikolajs Puzikovs – Milestibas nevar but par daudz (Music – Arturs Palkevics, Lyrics – Guntars Racs)
  3. Maia – No limits to dream (Music – Edgars Belickis, Edgars Jass, Raitis Auksmuksts, Lyrics – Maia)
  4. Samanta Tina & Davids Kalandija – I want you back  (Music – Martins Grunte, Lyrics – Oskars Maizitis)
  5. Angelina & Alisa May – Rollin’ up (Music – Jevgenijs Ustinskovs, Lyrics – Alisa May)
  6. Laura Bicane & Romans Sladzis – Freakin’ out (Music and lyrics – Laura Bicane)
  7. Paula Dukure – Celebration (Music – Edijs Dukurs, Lyrics – Miks Dukurs)
  8. Andris Abelite – We can change the world (Music and lyrics – Andris Abelite)
  9. Ruta Duduma – My world (Music and lyrics – Ruta Duduma)
  10. Group ‘PeR’ – Disco Superfly (Music – Ralfs Eilands, Edmunds Rasmanis, Lyrics – Ralfs Eilan

The Songs: You can listen to the songs in our YouTube Playlist!

The Webcast: The show will be streamed here starting at 20:20 CET.!

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60 comments on “Latvia: First Semi-Final of Eirodziesma 2012

  1. The last one wasn’t so bad. Still, nothing much to see in this semi final to be honest.

  2. 10, 5 and 2 are probably the only three I have above average…

  3. Cake and PeR are the best for me..

  4. 1. Celebration
    2. My world
    3. No limits to dream
    4. Freakin’ out
    5. Rollin’ up

  5. I had a delicious dinner with my cousin and her husband and reading yout comments, I obviously did not miss much, except for your comments of course.

    My favourite comment:
    “Laila has just commented on the other site that she should jump out of the cake dress t first refrain..but she didn’t she stayed in it for the whole performance so this entry lacks some energy!”

  6. Maybe you needed one big cake after the dinner so you liked that comment! :D

  7. “Celebration” first and “Disco Superfly” second of the juries results :(

  8. mmmh songs 4, 7, 8, 9 and 10 make it through, late draw got it easy… i’m very indifferent to many of them but “Celebration” in the cake was close to the night’s disaster and I’m glad “Disco Superfly” made it…

  9. @togravus. You can’t miss the cake performance! It is worth checking on YT just for that :D
    @Marko: Did you see my links for Lithuanian songs? I found a few while I watched the semi final. Maybe that would interest you.
    I am leaving now, so bye.

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