Our Interview With Kenny Kihyung Bae – “Asiavision Won’t Be a Competition”

  Asiavision – We have spoken to Kenny Kihyung Bae, who is in charge of organizing a competition similar to the Eurovision Song Contest for the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union ABU. He answered our questions about the progress of the plannings and revealed that the Asian song festival will probably not be as similar to Eurovision as many expected as it will be more a “Gala event” than a competition. Read the entire interview here:

How did you become the project manager of what may become the Asiavision Song Contest?

 The ABU Song Festival (Name to be decided) will be held in conjunction with ABU  General Assembly in October 2012. As the KBS is hosting ABU General Assembly in 2012, naturally the KBS practically runs the Secretariat of the ABU Song Festival. I am working as Conference Project Manager for Seoul ABU GA.   

How advanced are the preparations for the music competition planned by the ABU?

  Now, a lot of efforts are made to set up basic terms and conditions of the Song Festival. Official Call For Entries will be announced around March.

Will the competition actually debut in 2013 as reported? Would South Korea be the host?

The ABU will run both TV and Radio Song Festival separately. The KBS, Korean representative public broadcaster will be hosting both events.  

Do you already know how many and which countries would be interested in a participation?

We do not know the exact numbers and countries for the participation yet, but about 15 finalists will be participated in the final event in Seoul, and they will be among the ABU members from 50 countries. (heard that many are interested and eager to participated in this event)

 Would the show be an Asian version of the Eurovision Song Contest (including the traditional voting procedure e.t.c) or would it be quite different?

ABU Song Festival and Eurovision could be similar in the sense that both contests have its purpose on ‘exchanging cultures’ through performances, but they will be quite different on how those events are actually formed and formatted. The ABU TV Song Festival is different from Eurovision Song Festival as it is  more like Gala Festival rather than Competition. ABU will be announcing the details of rule & condition of the Song Festival in Seoul on its website around March.

Eurovision.tv said you would go to Baku this year to get inspiration. Are you following the Eurovision Song Contest?

There must be lots of lessons that we could learn from European experiences. We, the organizers of ABU Song Festival are looking forward to get inspiration from the Eurovision Song Contest though the scheme for ABU Song Festival is quite different. Also it could be a meaningful opportunity to find a way to collaborate between EBU and ABU broadcasters.

Source= The Eurovision Times

19 comments on “Our Interview With Kenny Kihyung Bae – “Asiavision Won’t Be a Competition”

  1. Can Turkey,Russia and other Euroasian countries participate there too?

  2. I’m really excited for this. Competition in the music industry is huge in Asia, especially in regards to Japan and Korea. If Australia is eligible (correct me if I’m wrong) it should be interesting to see our approach to this. But again, the main focus will be on Korea and Japan, and China being an underdog (if they decide to participate). But basically, I love K-Pop ^^

  3. Obviously the character of a “Gala Festival” seems to be necessairy for the beginnig, to get enough contestants. But I assume without stronger competitive elements this contest will soon become quite lame. But perhaps I’m thinking too European ?

  4. That Asiavision starts for year and it didn’t start yet! :D

    P.S. I simply can’t wait for Kaliopi Bukle’s songs any more!! :P

  5. I was looking forward to this, but if there is no competition then I think it won’t be as exciting or fun to watch. Maybe I won’t even bother to watch at all. It’ll just be like any other long TV gala/concert/music festival in a ways with lots of boring pop songs and ballads without any “goal”. Without any competition – where is the excitement? Well, perhaps without competition they’ll be more successful in “sharing culture” etc. than Eurovision is. I don’t think it will get as big though.

  6. It won’t be a competition, but there will still be competition.

  7. i dont have any comments…maybe if asiavision follows esc’s voting rules, east asian countries ( japan,china,korea,taiwan ) will vote each other because they’ve same taste of music, and probably east asian will get more points than the west,south-east or australia pacific..i dont like KPop..mad competition..lol..

    • Hey, I’m a Malaysian… I went to the ABU website earlier and I noticed that the event really IS a competition. Juries will pick the champion along with runner-up and second runner-up.
      BTW, you have no idea how BIG K-pop is. It is very well received but South East Asian as well… But I don’t think televoting will be incorporated to the contest though. ^^

  8. Peter Ho for Taiwan:
    Peter Ho – Ming Tian Shi Zui Hou Yi Tian(Tomorrow is the last day)

    Peter Ho – Perfume

  9. Awww… I was hoping it would have the Eurovision voting format! It is much more fun if they did that! Hopefully they will eventually add that element in the future! Or is the region too volatile for that? Hope not, and that they are just testing the waters before doing so!

  10. […] the 1st ABU TV Song Festival will take place in Seoul on 14th October 2012. However, according to an interview with Eurovision Times, the concept of the show will be similar to Eurovision, but the format will […]

  11. That would be great. I just hope that its not a carbon copy or anything like that. I’m Asian but I don’t want a complete copy of Eurovision. Asia’s a different continent compared to Europe so people have different ways of communicating, thinking and exchanging cultures. A lot of people in East-Asian countries speak Chinese as well.

    But having a festival like this can be the beginning of a competition.

  12. Aw this would be great the main EUROvision could actually return back to its former glory, kick out Azerbiajan, Armenia, Georgia,Turkey, Isreal and Russia and send them off to Asiavision, the former ussr block and turkish disapora block would be finaly broken = fairer results for actaul European countries. Plus it would make more sense as Azerbiajan, Isreal, Georgia and Armenia’s Music styles would be more suited to asia, and this will give Australia a chance to participate in a contest similar to Eurovision. It be great we would only have the Ukraine,Moldova and Belarus left from the former ussr voting block then.

    • Scott – I’d welcome all those countries to the Asiavision side of things easily if I were to decide! However, it’s far more complex than that. I’m not sure if the Arab World would want Israel in it. I’m not sure either if the Russians, Former Soviet Nations Citizens, and Turkish would be happy to get booted out and forced to join Asiavision!

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