Israel: KDAM Cancelled?

  Israel – The Israeli national broadcaster IBA seems to have serious problems with the organization of the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. Local media claim that the national final in its planned form has even been cancelled. KDAM was supposed to return with a new concept. Every artist was supposed to sing two different songs. A production company was found in HSCC, one of the most successful of the country, but apparently the negotiations have failed.

Haim Slutzky, head of the production company told walla.co.il that the national broadcaster is “an impossible place to work.” HSCC cancelled the negatiations due to frequent delays in the planning of IBA. According to Slutzky, the company is no longer interested in a cooperation. An emergency meeting is supposed to be held between the directors of the channel to find a fitting format for KDAM, which will probably be simpler than initially planned.


11 comments on “Israel: KDAM Cancelled?

  1. I watch eurovision from 2004 but i don’t like any song from Istrael :) Maybe 2011 50/50


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    • I only dislike one Israeli entry since 2004 … and that is 2011. I really, really like their 2007, 2008 and 2010 songs. :)

      • agreed! Shiri Maimon, Eddy Butler, Boaz Mauda, Harel Skaat, Noa and Mira are all among my favourites… Push the button was a bit too much but not a hateable song. Dana was horrible this year, she only won KDAM because of her name ;(

        • wow 2006 really? well I’ve never really much liked Israel since their golden 70s and all its gems (73, 74, 75, 77, 78 are all great and I like 76 and 79 too), and I honnestly dislike 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 but then I really loved 08, 09 and 10 and thought wow, Israel is really back on their feet. The 2011 kdam was interesting, with lots of different songs, but a lot of them were disappointing live (“tu du du” anyone?) and worst of all the jury made sure Dana would have another go at it and, as expected, failed very badly (bad vocals, bad lame live, not even well dressed and the song was old fashioned in the 80s already)… I still think Israel is more likely than many countries to please me with their esc participation, let’s wait and see

    • Go to http://en.gravatar.com/ There’s a video that explains you how it works… Basically you need an account there…

  2. Just to clarify one thing. If I say that Israel has only sent one entry I didn’t like since 2004 that does not mean that I liked everything else. 2004 to 2006 were all middling ones in my book … middling ones, not bad ones, that is the difference. Anyway, I have strict categories for love, like etc.

    12/12 = love
    10/12 = like very much
    8-9/12 = like
    4-7/12 = average
    2-3/12 = don’t like
    0-1/12 = don’t like at all

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