Denmark: International Jury in National Final

  Denmark – The Danish national broadcaster’s official website announced today that music experts from Germany, Norway, Russia and Azerbaijan will join the jury of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix this year. DR spokesperson Jan Lagermand Lundme said that Denmark was close to win the contest in recent years and with the new format they’d try to make it all the way in 2012. They thus follow in the footsteps of Sweden, where international juries made up half of the result of Melodifestivalen in 2011.

DR hopes that the international jury will make the result more unpredictable and will choose a song with international appeal for Denmark. The jury will attribute 50% of the final result. It was also revealed that the national final on January 21 will be divided into 2 phases. First all artists perform their song and the jury and audience will have their vote. Then the three most voted acts advance to the super final.

Source= DR.dk

9 comments on “Denmark: International Jury in National Final

  1. I very rarely use this word but I absolutely HATE international juries in national finals. The song representing a country in ESC should represent the musical culture or at least taste in music of the country it represents and not some international jury’s taste imo. And LOL … “music experts from Germany, Norway, Russia and Azerbaijan” … people from the last 4 winning countries. I guess that DR really wants to go for gold this year.

  2. Arrrrrrgh I hate it when they copy all the worst things about MF!!! The only thing to hope for now is that the international jury won’t consist of OGAE people…
    BTW, how do I get an avatar thing instead of these faces?

  3. I’m not very fond of that idea!

  4. well the thing is… look at Estonia, when they had the international juries, that didn’t really help much either… and sure it brought Saade, but they also voted for Salem Al Fakir, didn’t stop Sweden to go for lame Anna and fail to qualify…

    are international juries much better than? Well without them Denmark still managed to score 4th and 5th, including with a song rejected from MF… they should think twice, i’m not sure I’d really laugh (maybe a bit) if they send, because of that jury, a very generic dull song that fails to make it to the final… But I’d be very sad a more daring song gets ignored because of that jury

    anyway I agree, songs represent a country and it’s up to them to pick the song, either via a jury or televote… DR’s MGP managed to be better than Euroviisut, NRK’s MGP and MF last year (and Iceland’s NF which I can’t spell) why change really, considering how great the results have been?

    • I agree with everything but one thing! How dare you call my Anna lame? I love her and her little song! ^^

      • let’s not go over this again… Anna was lame and she rightfully failed to qualify to esc final after the great MF 2010 (Salem Al Fakir, Pauline, Darin, Pain of Salvation, Neo, Ola, Crucified Barbara…) turned to complete disaster when the televoting went for her instead of Salem (the jury’s favorite)… as for the lil urban princess look (crown and red converses, really?), the disappearing guitar, the wind blowing machine, it really doesn’t work for me… the song’s a nice generic la la la tune though : all in one word? lame :p

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