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Eurovision 2011 Related Releases

Eurovision – 2011’s last months brought lots and lots of new Eurovision related releases, including five albums from the Düsseldorf-sent contestants. Each one of them has its own style, similar to their entries or not. However, they are all interesting and easy-listening. Here are short reviews for the five albums released within November/December that are worth paying some attention to.


– Yüksek Sadakat – Renk Körü

In spite of not making it through the semi-finals, the Turkish band Yüksek Sadakat released “Renk Körü”, their first album in three years. It is a mix of traditional Turkish elements and rock. Their Eurovision entry, “Live It Up”, is included in its native language version, called Parti Çocuğu”.



– Dino Merlin – Love In Rewind

The Bosnian representative released his eighth solo album in 2011, which includes the Eurovision entry “Love In Rewind”. The track also lends its name to the whole album, and is the only song sung in English –the other 11 are entirely in Bosnian and mixe country music in its best American style with some regional instruments.



– Anna Rossinelli – Bon Voyage

After bringing Switzerland back to the Eurovision final, Anna Rossinelli and her trio “Anne Claire” released their first album. Bon Voyage shows influences of country and soul music, and all the songs are in some way similar to her Eurovision entry “In Love For a While”. The cello and the country beats really add something different to the entire album without letting the listener get bored. Unfortunately, it only includes “In Love For A While” in a special bonus version.


– Eric Saade – Saade Vol. 2

This is the third studio album of the Swedish representative in 2011, including his new single, “Hotter Than Fire”. The first volume included his Eurovision entry, “Popular”, and was released in July. The reason of splitting the album in two was explained by Eric himself: “I didn’t wanna waste too many songs on one album, so I decided to do two parts of my Album Saade. I just felt that I’m in a great songwriting mood, so I had to release two parts because of all these songs.”, he said. The album follows Eric’s traditional style, a very strong dance pop, with some influences of hip hop.


– Maja Keuc – Indigo

Maja Keuc brought Slovenia back to the Eurovision final in 2011 and also released her debut album called “Indigo”. It is a mix of modern pop, soul and jazz, what makes every song different and unique. Most of the album is in Slovenian, but there are some tracks in English as well, like a new remix of her Eurovision song “No One”. The songs are not similar to the Contest version of “No One” at all. In “Indigo”, Keuc appeals for a soft electro-pop, which might disappoint some listeners who were expecting for powerful ballads as the one she presented in Düsseldorf. In spite of that, Maja’s voice is still incredible and flawless.

ET: This is the second post of our new writer Isabela Bueno from Brazil. Congratulations on a great post Isabela and welcome to the team!

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