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Ireland: Sharon Condon Also Scared of Jedward

  Ireland – Sharon Condon has told the Irish newspaper “The Herald” that she turned down an offer to compete against Jedward in the Irish national final “Eurosong 2012”. After last year’s runner-up Nikki Kavanagh (Jedward will walk it“), the former Wonderwall singer is the second artist to announce they are not willing to compete against Jedward as they are sure the twins will win the national final. Condon had initially accepted the gig, but then changed her mind as she feard that losing against Jedward would harm her career.

“I got two phone calls from two different mentors and I didn’t know what to do. Bill Hughes played me a song and I loved it. I agreed because I was told the song will get radio play for three weeks in a row, the problem is I would be going up against Jedward. It would be damaging to my career in the long run. I would lose against them,” she told the newspaper.

Only one of the four competitors of Jedward have been found yet: The girl duo Barbarellas will take their chance against the twins with a similar style.

Here you can see a performance by Sharon Condon of the song “Price Tag”:

Source= The Herald

One comment on “Ireland: Sharon Condon Also Scared of Jedward

  1. I shall say that if Sharon Condon refused to compete to represent Ireland on the ESC was not that she’s scared of Jedward, it’s because she tries to focus herself in a solo career after her band Wonderland split up last summer.

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